Pain in lower left side where ovary is?


I am 5 weeks 3 days and I am having some pain in my lower left side where it feels like my ovary should be. Has anyone else experienced this? I had an ET this time but I have had two previous ectopics and I am scared to death of having another. My right tube is already blocked. I called the nurse and she said to come in tommorrow for an ultrasound. My beta was 1263 Mon which will be 5 days ago so hopefully I am far enough along to see something on the ultrasound. I have been spotting very lightly since my beta which they did a pelvic on me and said it looked like it was due to cervical irritation. I am so worried. I just wish this pain would go away along with the spotting. I wanna scream out of frustration. Just wondering if anyone else has experienced this lower left pain. Thanks


I just learned with this pregnancy that one ovary holds a “cyst” that actually pumps out the progesterone prior to the 10ish week establishment of the placenta. It’s completely possible that’s what your feeling. Mine was fairly large and I was aware of it til it reabsorbed.

I thought ectopic too. I hope that’s not what it is, but at least they’re bringing you in tomorrow to ck. In the meantime, try to take some comfort in my explaination…I guess I’m suggesting you try to think positive til you find out tomorrow.

Good luck!!