Pain in my right side


Our last cycle of trying on our own before we start IUI next month. I believe I ovulated yesterday…I had pain in my right side anyways. We bd’d the last two nights using preseed so hopefully that will help the no CM problem. I didn’t realize until last week that you could get it with applicators! I pray to God that we finally get our miracle but am fully prepared getting help next month. What I know I am not prepared for is the possiblity of getting a BFN after the IUI. I know we only have a 20% chance of it working, but I also know that no matter how many times I tell myself that, I am going to be devistated if it’s not BFP. Trying to just concentrate on my business and exercising in the mean time.


Good luck to you! My husband and I are going to start Clomid (unless we decide to go straight to injectibles) after I have surgery in June or so, so our first real, treated cycle for #2 will be August, hopefully, unless more stuff gets in the way. However, although we haven’t been officially “trying” this whole time, we’ve had sex at the right times every cycle since December, and each month I keep hoping that maybe I’ll be surprised with a natural BFP. It hasn’t been as devastating as my BFNs when we were undergoing treatment for TTC our daughter, but I still get my hopes up each month. I’m a little nervous about starting treatment this time around because I know how hard it got last time, but there’s no way to get there without the trials and tribulations, so I’ll just face it down as best I can. I hope your treatments work quickly for you! :cross: