Pains and heavy uterus in early pregnancy!


Hi ladies

I recently got my BFP:bfp: on march 21 from my second ivf attempt
My beta # were
12dp2dt 137
13dp2dt 171
15dp2dt 337
19dp2dt 1539

My clinic told me these are good numbers

I tried one of these ivf calculator websites and it show that i am
5+5 weeks preg

What worries me and i know am worrying too much since i got that :bfp:
I have been experiencing odd pains in my uterus area i really dont know how to discribe it but i feel like my uterus is tight or it feels like heavy … it hurts if i cough or sneeze or even when bending over … sometime it huts if i turn over while am laying … i called my clinic they told me just to wait until the app for my first u/s which is in 3 days

Did any one felt that during early pregnancy or there is something wrong ? Help


Same here! My RE said it is normal. I still didn’t have US. Congrats on pregnancy!!!


From what I’ve experienced, YES this is normal! Those twinges are the round ligament pains that are slowly expanding your uterus to make room for your growing baby. I called my clinic during our first pregnancy about these, and the nurse said “oh honey, if you think these are bad…just you wait!!” :slight_smile: I’m having them now and I am 5w1d with baby #2.

Best wishes at your ultrasound!


I don’t go for my beta until 05/06 (wait is killing me!) But I have had :bfp: on HPT last 3 days (:cross: ) and I am having the same exact thing. Hurts to laugh, lay down, bend over…ugh! But I’m excited all you confirmed :bfp:'s are having the same thing, gives me more hope!


It’s very common to have “growing pains” in early pregnancy from the uterus and round ligaments stretching.

As long as there is no bleeding/spotting then you’re fine. Even then some spotting can be normal but anything bright red or heavy I’d call someone ASAP.


I had that. I forgot to check but if this is your first baby it will be worst. LOL… my OB told me that those pains are stretching and ligament pain.

I had them from the begining. Some women’s uterus starts making space for baby even before its big enough to take up any room!

I still have to bend over and hold my lil bump when I sneeze. OMG it feels like I pulled an ovary if I dont!

GREAT advise I recieved… try to drink at least 72oz of water… I can tell the days I dont drink it but how much pain im in. If you are hydrated your muscles are less likely to hurt as much… and this is TRUE. My nurse offered the advise and its been working. I still have pain but I no longer worry to much.

People forget to tell you that the wonders of pregancy can be painful. You hear of morning sickness or the all dramatic movie FAINTING… but they forget to tell you about stretching and ligament pains!

Kim Kardashian ( I know I know!) recently was interviewed about pregnancy and she said… Its so painful. She said she has been in pain since day one. She is a ligament pain girl!! I was like geeze, finally its like the secret is out!

Congrats on your BFP! Good Luck on the US


I will echo the same–that this is completely normal! The uterus has 8 ligaments that hold it in place and at the same time the pregnancy hormone relaxin (that starts during the luteal phase in preparation for relaxing the muscles to allow for stretching for baby’s growth and for the bones to spread to allow for birth) relaxes these ligaments as well as the uterus so as the baby grows and the uterus fills with fluid it causes these ligaments to stretch and that can be painful for many.

These pains can continue throughout pregnancy, but tend to subside some as the pregnancy progresses and your body gets used to the hormone and stretching. It helps to move slowly and try not to swing your legs around when rolling over in bed as the more you use your legs for momentum or spread your hips when you move the more stretching happens and that can strain your muscles and ligaments. Also, try not to over do it when cleaning, walking, and working as the bending and movement can aggravate it and you may not know you overdid it until you are in pain so you will have to just limit the time you spend doing your normal routine or take many many more breaks than usual.

Congrats on the pregnancy!! :flower: