Panic attack and haldol usage


Dear friends

I got my :bfp: A few days ago however I was extremely stresssed before the results and for some reason my estradiol / estrogen hormone level was way too high - because of these factors I had a massive panic attack before my hcg beta test and have now been placed on a low dose anti deppresant medicine named halperidol ( I think it’s also commonly referred to as haldol)

I am now freaking out - will this medicine result in any harm to my baby? The doctor said I have to eat it until I stop my crinone gel and other hormonal medicines…

I am looking for some positive thoughts and hugs from u all… The doc said the medicine is a very low dosage and it will not impact baby…but I am worried and :pray:


Haldol is a pretty heavy hitter more often used for psychosis or bipolar disorder or sedative I thought perhaps they used it bc of its pregnancy category but its a class c no better than anythjng else. I beliebe zoloft is the most widely used antidepressant. Id question why thry picked that drug but wouldn’t worry too much until you get a positive test. There are many women on antidepressants (though I dont think haldol is a normal pick) with out issue for now take care of you u cant help a little person that stressed


I looked it up and it can cause problems with fetal development. I would not use it and request something else. I don’t think you should take it if you are or could be pregnant.

Have you had a positive pregnancy test?