Particular time in evening for stim meds?


Hey ladies! I’m on my third IVF. I did one back in 2010 (chemical pregnancy), a second three months later (live birth), and now I’m back in the saddle to try to have another child.

I remember that on my first IVFs I injected at about 9pm each evening. Have any of you been told that there’s one particular time that’s best for stim meds? Just curious.



no particular time, but it should be after the clinic finishes with their daily calls about med adjustments. Also a time when you are typically home everyday. I always did mine at 7.


Okay, thanks! I had read that some practices recommended 6-8pm . . . I notice that my ovaries are naturally most active then, so was wondering. I did it at 9:30pm last night; I’ll probably move it up to 8:30pm tonight.


I dont think there is a particular time good luck.


They told me before 10 pm. I did them at 7.