PCOS and injectibles


Hello everyone,

I was just curious, I have PCOS and I have been using Follistim with Femara. The first time I did this cocktail with the ovidrel trigger I went into OHSS. This is the second round of meds and I developed 8 follicles with 4 following behind, had the LH surge and the RE encouraged me to skip this month, well I went back and looks like I didn’t ovulate anyways on my own, but the 8 had shrunk and the 4 were in prime condition. I go back on Friday again for another repeat, but these ones are going down too. My question is, is this normal to develop so many follicles with PCOS, if it is, do you guys bypass the HCG trigger, unfortunately that looks like the only way I will ovulate.

The RE makes it seem like with PCOS and having a history of the OHSS that it is pretty much inevitable that this is going to be a repeated occurance, and I hoping for some reassurance that it won’t be and some hope that my follicle count won’t be so high.

Any help you guys can give me I would greatly appreciate it.



My first cycle with my RE I hyperstimmed and I didn’t even trigger. My ovaries just LOVED the jump to a higher FSH.

This is my second cycle with my RE and I am happy to report, I triggered ( never did that before) and got my :bfp: without IUI.

Every month is a new, fresh start. Good luck


I have PCOS and was on Bravelle and Orvidrel, ended up with 3 good follies and eventually got :bfp: from our first & only IUI. I wasnt ovulating, it took the trigger to do the trick but I also have ohss now.


Thank you for the info @Kimmy82 I feel your pain with the OHSS, I hope it is not too bad, when I used the trigger 5 days later I looked about 4 months pregnant and painful for the first week but it died down, I hope it is a smooth ride.

@Ruby, so you triggered and didn’t go into OHSS, that is a good sign, that is my biggest fear again esp if I get pregnant my RE informed me (which I was aware of just trying not to be:) that OHSS has the potential of being life threatening, so that is a fear…

Of course it doesn’t help that I have “abnormally long fallopian tubes” so something else I get to contend with…all I can say is Thanks PCOS:)

Thanks again for your input guys it really helps to know there is hope yet


@Ruby, what was the dose of your trigger shot???


I think I MAY have gone into OHSS. I had terrible terrible pain, which started out as corpus luteum pain and continued on for the last week. In fact, right now, I am just feeling better.
It just occured to me that this is what it could be.

I triggered 10,000


Hey there. I have PCOS and this was my first month needing injectibles because the femara didn’t do the job this month. My doctor was all concerned and started me at a really low does of a drug called Puregon. That didn’t work, so she increased the dose. That didn’t work so she increased it again. Finally she gave me 100iu for 4 days, which she said is the amount she gives for patients doing IVF to produce a lot of follicles. Given that I have PCOS she was concerned too many follicles would grow. Well, after 4 days of the high dose, and about 8 days at the lower dose, I went in for my scan and finally had one follicle around 16. That’s it. I was surpised that I didn’t have more, also pretty disappointed because I thought at least with all the medication I would get more than 1. So, I guess it depends on the person. I am triggering tonight and having my 3rd iui done on Saturday.


I have PCOS and when I get my U/S’s I have lots of little follicles hanging out. Last cycle was my first cycle of injects only but resulted in only one follie. I was really bummed - I think that is the reason that my RE is being so slow and cautious is because I am PCOS. It’s frustrating but I have to admit I don’t want to wind up with OHSS or too many follies that I have to cancel the cycle - I haven’t had to do that yet but to you gals that have I’m sorry - that would suck.