PCOS, Clomid, and Hypothyroidism


Hi all!

I am very very new to the world of forums but I am in dire need of some support! I have been diagnosed with both hypothyroidism and Pcos since I was in my tween/teen years. I use to see an endocrinologist regularly until my college years and now I have my pcos and my OB/gyn check my thyroid levels (which have been stable for years on 75mcg of Levothyroxine). I had been taking BCP since I was dx with pcos as a teen and have been off of them since my husband and I started our ttc journey in March 2011. Since then, I have only had AF once in the beginning of June 2011, and then nothing until my OB/gyn gave me progesterone for 3 months over the summer/fall. With no luck in getting pregnant on our own, I was prescribed 50mg of Clomid. My bmi is in the good range, as my thyroid is under controll, though I do not know my exact tsh level…but I think it’s in the 2.0 range.

As of late, I took progesterone, had AF, and on CD 5-9 took Clomid. I had side-effects galore! Hot flashes, mood swings, nausea, headaches, etc. but those quickly went away after my last pill. Now I am on CD 17 and have been testing myself with a kit to see if I am ovulating…so far I’m only getting a faint line and a bold line…I’m hoping I’ll get the double lines soon, if at all! Until then I keep imagining cramps but its hard to tell if it’s all in my head or real.

I have read from others that O may not come until CD 20 or longer but I am worried that maybe I’m not doing enough to get pregnant!!! I can barely sleep at night from all the anxiety, hence why I’m writing this now at 1 in the morning! Is there anyone out there who has had success getting pregnant with just Clomid and is suffering from pcos and hypothyroidism? I plan on asking my OB/gyn for a referral to a Reproductive Endocrinologist when I see her in a couple weeks.

Any advice or stories to help calm my nerves would be greatly appreciated! We’ve been ttc for almost a year now, but having my dx’es hovering over my head since my teens has made this an ordeal I’ve been dreading to battle and I’d love for some inspiration to keep battling on.


Hi there - I don’t have any good news stories to share with you, however I just wanted to wish you lots of luck on your journey. I can relate to your pain and frustration as I too battle PCOS and hypothrydoidism.



Thank you so much! It’s been a very frustrating journey so far, but I still have hope! I wish the same and lots of warm wishes for you! I noticed from your sig. that you’re starting again on your journey :slight_smile: good luck!! Let us know how it goes!


I have also had PCOS from a young age, though wasn’t officially diagnosed until just recently its only because my pediatric doctors just said “oh its normal to have irregular cycles, you’ll grow out of it”… not so much. Then I was on birth control for 10 years or so. No experience with the hypothyroidism though.

I think it would be a good idea for you to see an RE, especially if its covered by your insurance. For mine you just had to be ttc for a year. Then they can monitor your cycles and you’ll know how your follicles are developing and know for sure if you are ovulating.

Anyway I’ve got to run but just wanted to say good luck!


I was getting the same response from my docs as a teen too…they put me on BCPs and assumed my cycles would regulate as an adult, but nope! Not the case! I am definitely going to look into a RE for myself!

I’m on CD 17 right now, it’s officially been a week since I finished my first cycle of clomid, but my OPKs is still negative. So hard to tell what’s going in with my body though because I feel cramps and little pains in my lower back and pelvic area but I can’t tell if it’s in my head or what!

Congrats on your little bundle! Sending lots of warm wishes your way :slight_smile:


I got pregnant with PCOS and hypothyroidism

Hello. I have a similar story. I’m 28 and have PCOS as well as hypothyroidism. I always had an irregular cycle. Obgyn always said- let’s wait until your 16, 18 etc. I got on birth control at 16 and have been on and off of it ever since. I was told I would have a difficult time conceiving since I don’t ovulate on my own. If I wasn’t taking birth control I get my period on my own maybe once a year, maybe. I have a 2 year old son! He was a surprise ofcourse.
The way I got pregnant is actually the way my dr would have tried. I always get my period the month after I stop taking birth control. I was on Yaz. I decided I wanted to stop taking it and a few weeks later I ovulated and my son happened. I did have gestational diabetes which could be related to PCOS. But all in all it was a pretty normal pregnancy.
I’m on Loestrin 24 now and I have my yearly exam this month and am going to talk about how to go about having another baby. Since the first wasn’t planned I’m not sure how to go about trying to conceive.
Stress and anxiety won’t help. Try to relax and believe that you can conceive and it is going to happen. Alot of babies happen on vacation. Maybe go on a little weekend trip around the time you think you will ovulate.
I just wanted to post and say I have PCOS and hypothyroidism and I had a baby and you can too :slight_smile:
I dont know much about clomid but I assume it’s a similar thing to the birth control idea.
Blessings to you!


Best of luck to you! PCOS and hypothyroidism are both very treatable. (I have PCOS, but I’ve also heard lots of people on here talk about getting help with their hypothyroidism…) I’m really glad you’re going to see an RE. It’s really, in my opinion, a great first step–everybody’s different, so you may be one of the people who’s able to get pregnant on your own or with help from the OB, but there’s so much an RE can do for you and educate you on. I hope you don’t have trouble, but if you do, know that so many people like you have gone on to get pregnant! It can be a hard journey, but it’s definitely worth it (as I sit here at work trying to convince this LO to finally make her appearance). :.) Welcome!


I have pcos and recently dx as hypothyroid. After rounds of clomid which gave me horrible side effects and early mc, my dh and i are going through ivf. See a RE who has good success rates and is thorough with blood work, hsg xray to check your tubes, does a sono to check the health of your uterus, etc. It’s better to know what’s going on inside than not know. Hang in there and hope you all get good news on you ttc journey.