PCOS & Clomid, Success rates?


We’ve been trying to get pregnant for over a year now, and I’m just coming off my 2nd cycle of clomid. We tried provera & metformin for about 7 months with no luck, and had recently switched to clomid & metformin. !st month on clomid was 50mg with metformin, no ovulation, progesterone was at .56. 2nd month on clomid was 100 mg with metformin, no ovulation, progesterone was at 1.5. She wants to try a month at 150 mg of clomid to see how I do, but with my levels being so low, could an extra 50mg of clomid really make a difference? Has anyone had success ovulation at 150mg that didn’t at a lower amount? She gave me the option of referring me to an RE if I didn’t want to try the 150mg, but I’m not sure where to go from here? From what we discussed, I don’t think I want to do just the hormone injections, or IUI because of the chance of having a high number of multiples. The hubby and I have agreed to 2 rounds of IVF for the future, but I wanted to save them as a last resort.


Hi jlynn,

I remember one lady here that like you had PCOS and she started with 50mg no ovulation, 100mg no ovulation, 150mg no ovulation and she moved on to an RE and he gave her 200mg and IUI and she got pregnant on her 6th or 7 th cycle. I dont have PCOS but didn’t ovulate in my first cycle of Clomid but did on 100mg.

Maybe you would like to check her signature or maybe even send her a private message. Find the post Positive Clomid results on the second page of this forum and her username is chell659. She is a great lady to talk to:).

Hope 150mg will do the trick for you:).


Thanks, Borboleto, I’ll have to mosey on over there!


I took 150mg clomid and it was successful for me. I just had my clomid baby almost 8 weeks ago. My dh and i had been trying for 2 1/2 years before we had any success. I started 150mg in July of last year and got pregnant with my daughter in august. I wish you the best of luck. Sending you lots of :babydust: and :bsv:


Congrats Babylove13! We’re going to try 150 mg and see what happens, I’d be happy just to ovulate :pray: . Do you know what your progesterone levels were at 100mg vs 150mg? My obgyn did refer me to a RE though, and I’m sched to see her July 22nd (end of 3rd clomid cycle).


you can see from my signature, clomid didn’t work for me. it only made me ovulate once and we didn’t conceive. even the higher doses didn’t work.

maybe give 150mg a try. but be open to injectibles. we had great success with those! and if your re monitors you closely and makes sure to start you at a low dose, your risk of multiples isn’t that high.


Thank you! Im so happy to finally have my clomid baby :slight_smile: No, I don’t know what my levels were at from 100mg vs 150mg. Sorry I can’t help you there.