PCOS for 7 years, now moving onto fertility treatments


Hi i’m Maddie and I have PCOS, I’m 25 and was diagnosed at 20. Married at 18, TTC with my husband for 4 years (together for 6) some low sperm count issues but mostly PCOS, tried a lot of herbal supplements (vitex, etc), that was until he left me for someone who was able to give him a child (his words), or so he thought. Got divorced from that person (3 years later he just now “gets” it, too bad).

Been with a wonderful man for 3 years now, (he tries SO hard to understand) we started TTC 11 months ago when we moved into our dream home. Now we’re considering fertility treatments (didn’t have money before and I wanted to wait and try everything else before), but unfortunately (though we live in a medium sized city) there aren’t that many choices as far as RE’s, and some OBGYN’s (claiming to) specialize in infertility, so we my have to ended up going to another state :grr:

Of course it doesn’t help everyone I know (or use to know) has 2 or 3 kids now, and every other time I see her (which is fairly often since we live in the same town, 5 miles apart) my mom asks about us having a child or adopting (which is a whole different :grr:). She means well but is a little selfish at times, it’s not like I’m doing it intentionally.

So :cross: this will be good for us, and we won’t have to go out-of-state, and if all goes well get the :bfp: we’ve been waiting for :cheer:.


Congratulation, i hope you’re doing well…
Don’t worry, everything is gonna be ok soon, as long as you tried so hard for it! Just wonder why medical insurance didn’t cover for infertility treatment over there?! Maybe you should try to ask some social insurance agency or something similar to see what happen?!

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Hi Maddie, sorry for all you have gone through with your ex. He clearly wasn’t the one for you and karma seems to have caught up with him. (Serves him right!).:evilgrin:
Your new partner sounds like a much nicer guy - well done on finding him. :wink:

I am also 25 and was diagnosed with Multiple PCOS at the age of 16. At first. my GP prescribed me with Metformin because my period was so irregular - at one stage I went 10 whole months without one ! and also I started gaining weight and had facial hair that I never had before. The metformin really helped with the weight loss and also regulated my menstrual cycle.
They gave me ‘Vaniqa’ for the hair growth and it worked quite well.

I managed to concieve twice in 2009 by taking a tablet called Clomid which helped to induce ovulation. It worked on both occasions but sadly, both pregnancies resulted in ectopics and I lost both of my tubes. My hubby and I just went for IVF and had our embryo transferred 6 days ago. I will be testing in 3 days time to see if we were successful so I’ll let you know the outcome but please don’t be discouraged. I have many friends with PCOS and they managed to concieve and have babies naturally so don’t worry, your time will come. Best wishes! :slight_smile: ***

Praying for our :bfp:'s :pray::pray:


I was diagnosed with PCOS too. So I know exactly how you feel. I underwent medical treatment. Unfortunately no result( We decided not to waste more time and turn to de ivf.
Thanks to this forum and very kind lady, we decided to go to Ukraine. The clinic which we chose is called biotexcom. We made some more research on it and after reading more positive reviews and looking through its statistics on different websites with lists of reproductive clinics, we sent message to a manager of this clinic. Our first meeting was a couple of weeks ago. We did all needed medical tests and our doctor gave us treatment plan. So now we are getting ready to embryos transfer! We chose package for €9.900. We chose it because we’ll have 5 attempts of ivf. Also the clinic returns money in case of failure of all tries. I think that’s perfect package and there will be no risk for us. The services were pretty good. We were met in the airport. We had free cab. Our apartment was comfy. Also there was an interpreter, who translated for us. The only thing we disliked was long lines. There were really many people and it was so exhausting to stay in lines for hours. But anyway I think it’s not that bad. The most important is the procedure to be successful!


Hi, girls! Have definitely the thing to share.
I’m 40 yo, have PCOS. Later added with blocked fallopian tubes. Several rounds of ivf home UK didn’t bring success. I believe due to egg quality. But I’m sure my previous dr had to tell us about it and not let us go from procedure to procedure and just loom our money :eek:
Finally I was told 5% after our last cycle failed only getting 1 egg out of me. Then we were going donor that gave us 75%. But I have heard stories where bad responders and low egg reserve people it has worked! It only takes 1 as they say! If we had the money we might have tried again with my eggs but we figured we just wanted to be parents one way or another and that gave us the best chance. (But would switch the clinic first!!).
Looking for the clinics which perform de ivf fresh we came across eviternity.org (now it’s surroparents.org) dealing with egg donation and surrogacy. We had our initial consultation absolutely for free and were lucky to get loads of answers to our question list! :slight_smile:
Later we started the treatment procedure in Ukrainian clinic and soon got our first BFP!
I’d like to say nature does play tricks on us, but medicine does create the miracles. And whatever is going to happen it will no matter how long it will take. The thing is to choose the right place to be in! Lots of hugs to you, brave ladies! XX


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