PCOS, Husband low sperm count, starting IVF in May


Hi everyone,
So im 24 years old and diagnosed with pcos like 3 years ago. But my pcos isnt very severe, i HAD acne, not overweight, not hairy, period can be late maybe 2 or 3 days. My husband also had a sperm count of 1 m last time we checked. So our doctor decided to go with IVF. For atleast two weeks now ive been taking gonapeptyl 0.1 injections till i get my period which was due yesterday. I want to know if there are any simillar stories to mine out there, because im kind of stressing out. Are there any success stories with pcos and ivf? Please let me know.

Thank you all.


I’m 25, with more classic PCOS than yours. My DH’s sperm isn’t stellar but not severely bad either. We tried for almost 2 years before finally giving in and trying IVF. So far, it looks like our first try has worked. Waiting a few weeks to find out if we get a heartbeat and a viable pregnancy.


I too have PCOS and will be doing Mini IVF in May. Mini Ivf, if you havent heard of it, is Ivf just with minimal stimulation. Less drugs, less monitoring, therefore less cost. We having been trying for about a year, and this is our first treatment. Since we are paying out of pocket and haven’t tried anything else our doctor thought we were great candidates for Mini Ivf. I too am nervous and hoping we made the right decision.
I think its normal for us to stress out about this, this entire journey is stressful, not knowing where it’s going to lead us…We just have to be positive.
Sending baby dust your way!!


:welcome: to the forum. We have a May IVF thread- please join. We have some women who it’s their first time and others like me where it’s our 3rd or 4th. No one is judgemental and we all cheer each other on.

Good luck!



I really hope all goes well with all of you. Good luck and thank you for your replies it really does help if there are people around you in the same situation. x


We were in the same situation, too. I never knew I had PCOS until I changed RE. I don’t have the “classic” PCOS symptoms and was termed as having thin-PCOS. My husband didn’t have a low sperm count but had a motility of 0. We had a successful IUI in 2008 and have tried to get pregnant since with now luck. Unfortunately when we changed RE he told us that with the combination of the two of our issues we needed to have IVF. Our first round worked and now am 24 weeks pregnant with a baby girl! Good luck to you!!! I’ll have my fingers crossed!