PCOS Metformin


Have not got my period since I stopped birth control March 2012. 3-19-13 Dr started me on 850mg Metformin twice a day. Wondering when and if this will make me get a period??


It has different effects in different people. For me, it does keep me having periods, but I still have them sometimes as often as three months apart. But without Metformin, I don’t have them at all! Some women get them regularly again once they go on it. As to when, there’s really no way to tell. It takes your body about a month to a month and a half to get used to Metformin, so it may be that you don’t respond and have a period until that time is up, or maybe you’ll get one very soon. It is a good thing that you’re on it, even if it doesn’t keep you having regular cycles, because of all the other aspects of PCOS.


Thank it is so nice and comforting to know there are so many women to talk to out there about PCOS and what worked for them!