PCOS Question


After a few months of intense training for a triathlon (about 1 to 1.5 hours every day) my cycles started to be somewhat normal (around 34 days). This past month I totally slacked off and gained about 5 lbs (I’m about 138 now). Anyway I have the Fertility monitor and I noticed that this cycle is way off. I’m on CD 14 and haven’t even hit high. Do you think the lack of exercise and weight gain could have something to do with it? I’m training for a half marathon (it’s March 17th) so I’m really hoping my body gets back to ovulating. I keep worrying that I missed my window!


I do not have PCOS, but doctors went back on forth as to whether or not I had ‘pcos like ovaries’ (still no definitive answer). Anyway the reason I wanted to respond was I had put on about 25lbs doing fertility treatments, but when I got pregnant it was when I was active and getting back to a healthy weight. I cycle, and was biking a minimum of 20miles a day when I got pregnant with my son. With this second pregnancy I had just gotten back into serious biking at least 5 times a week, trying to get back into shape post pregnancy. I know for sure with my first pregnancy that it was helping my cycles to regulate (mine always varied from 29 to 36ish days) and I was ovulating at the same times each month.

Oh and with my son I ovulated on day 19 so I wouldn’t say you missed your window yet! Best of luck!


Sticky stretchy CM

I have PCOS and use a monitor and have had some funky months where I never peaked at all. It is possible to have anovulation with PCOS…which may have happened.

If you have not learned already I would encourage you to learn how to read your CM and look for the “clear,sticky, stretchy” mucus. This is when you are fertile! I use my monitor as a back up to reading my biomarkers that I have learned by following the Creighton method.

Just this cycle the monitor gave me peak day on day 14-BUT I didn’t have my CM the good clear stretchy (over 1inch) till 2 days later!!
So in my charting I count this as my real peak day.

Best of luck and :bsv: