People who are ready to start their own families


Hi guys. As you can see from my signature I’m not just some curious person poking at wounds to see what oozes out here. But I do need some help. I’m doing a research paper for one of my college classes (Human Growth and development) and I would love it if there was someone or multiple people who are willing to answer a short interview for me.

The topic of my paper is the effects infertility has on people who are ready to start their own families. The paper is going to lean pretty heavily onto the psychological effects infertility has. I really want to shine a light on what we go through and show people that it really does a number on us, but we’re stronger than anyone could imagine.

I would be very grateful if I could speak with someone who has decided to live childless, and I’ll be trying to get interview with others who have had different outcomes.

Just reply to this or send me a personal message if you’re willing.

Thanks so much for your help!