Pep Talk Please


So, spent the better part of an hour crying in the bathroom. My AF is visiting AGAIN. Seriously, I hate her. Officially hit the two year mark and am feeling SO frustrated. My sister is 14 weeks along and this month AF visited me at her birthday party, where of course, she’s just started showing and everyone is talking about it and my Godfather is there and his daughter is due tomorrow so everyone’s talking about that and of COURSE there are couples with babies there, (little William is 6 months now and very cute). I had a mini break down on the way home and cried uncontrollably for hours. Called out of work today and didn’t get out of bed until 3pm. My GF is giving me the “sound advice” everyone here loves to hear I"m sure: “isn’t one beautiful child enough? Do you think maybe your focus is off?”, etc, etc, etc. Oh, if only she could FEEL what I feel. Logic doesn’t touch it. I want to crawl under a rock. I feel like I’ve been studying and studying and studying for this really, really, important test and every month I fail it again. I’ve got my blanket…now to find that rock.


If I were in your shoes - and I am, LOL! - I wouldn’t discuss my IF woes with unsupportive people. I know that’s hard, but that’s what online buddies are for.

I am so sorry to hear about the pain you were/are feeling being around other people’s babies. BTDT.

The words, “Isn’t 1 beautiful child enough?” IMO, are irrelevant. I’ve had people say things like that to me, too and the way I feel about it those words were probably said by a woman who NEVER wanted a child and couldn’t have 1.

And, I think there are many women out there who dispense advice who’ve never been IF.

If they haven’t been IF and wanted to have a baby, they HAVE NO IDEA!



UGH!!! I’m sooo sorry that you had to go through that night sounds quite hellish!! Trust me all your going through is normal!! Its completely normal for us to be upset cause we are struggling. Sorry this frustrates me so much people can be so insensitive!!

No one knows more than us how lucky we are to have one child!!! We know better than anyone and its still horribly painful!! I hope you have at least a few friends that truly understand what your going through!!!

Good luck and sticky vibes to you!!! Let us know how u are doing now and what your next step is!!

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I am sorry you are going through this. I suffer from “those days” still and I have three children. No one knows how we feel when they can just blink and get pregnant. I don’t discuss my infertility with anyone that I don’t trust. DH gets to hear most of it and I may confide in a few friends, but I don’t have any friends who are infertile in any way so I really am careful. When I started my journey I was so upset by my infertility and I tried to talk to my close friends, but honestly even through the tried they still managed to say the “wrong things”. I will sometimes stay away from certain events and sometimes when I make myself go I find that I do have fun. Infertility effects your life forever. I think of it as scar it does not go away even after you have children, but with that said, you learn who to trust and confide in certain people and sometime this forum can help with questions or comments that you don’t want to say to anyone else.