Perineal Massage


Did anyone do this? Did it help? My twins are coming sometime in the next 7.5 weeks and if they are both head down I want to attempt a vaginal birth, however I will do anything to avoid tearing or an episiodomy.


I didn’t have twins, but I asked my OB about this and she said there was some evidence that this helped a teeny percentage of first time moms a teeny bit. So, she had no objection to me doing it, just didn’t feel it was helpful enough to warrant the discomfort and time. So I didn’t bother (and ended up with a c-section anyway).

Unless you like it. Then I guess go for it! :slight_smile:


Thanks for the reply Sarah :slight_smile:


Jilly, don’t know if this helps or not, but my midwife used olive oil (yes the cooking kind!) on me during my delivery. It was such an old school method, but I didn’t rip/tear or require an episiotomy. Good luck!


Make sure the person doing the massage is experienced in working with pregnant women. I’ve heard that certain things massage therapists do can sometimes cause preterm labor in some people. I never had a massage while pregnant.


We did this once or twice. Some people say it helps, and it is definitely one thing that can’t hurt. Some OBs, midwives, and nurses will actually do this while you’re in labor, which maybe has more effect because it’s right there at the time. My OB said she does this. To tell you the truth, I have no idea if she did it or not, because I was so not focusing there! (Where I was focusing was the contraction pains, which really left no room for anything else.) I’d love to give you a bunch of tips, but honestly, I don’t know if anything I did helped or not. My OB did give me a small lidocaine injection in that area during the pushing phase, which I didn’t feel at all, even though she told me when she was doing it. Have you talked with your practitioner about his/her policy on episiotomies? I was in a practice where they basically don’t perform them at all. It’s something you should think about a little if you haven’t already.


My husband has been “assisting” me with in and using olive oil. It actually has slightly helped some of my pelvic pain as well. In a few short weeks I will know if it helped :wink:


I have done it but used coconut oil. The first time I’ve done it, it bled and I was quite scared, but the times afterwards it was fine. Didn’t help with the tearing in the end, but that was probably mostly because the baby came out very fast.


This post may be TMI so you may not want to read any further if you’re not okay with liberal sexual discussion.

Okay, so at adult stores they sell a wide variety of items. They actually sell products that can stretch down there. Of course, their purpose isn’t for assisting childbirth, but I wonder if these items could help with loosening things up down there before birth? I’m a 1st time mom, so I have no experience with this, but I REALLY don’t want to tear. I also watched this one TV show about a male who became a female. She had the full operation, so her male parts were turned into female parts. Apparently after this operation she had to use a special device in her newly created parts daily that was used to stretch her out and keep things from closing up. The device was cone shaped, so she could gradually stretch things out.

Sorry if this is TMI or kind of graphic for anyone who’s read this, but I’m seriously wondering about this stuff. If anyone is still reading this, what do you think?


Thank you Lizzie!! That’s actually not a bad idea!! If there’s a possibility of it working it would be VERY worth it!!


Again without going into detail, floorbyfloor speaks wisdom. As long as you use them responsibly (;.P), that was another kind of thing I found helpful. And I did not find that it had a lasting or negative effect after the birth.


Oh! I was also going to say that stretching isn’t the only thing that helps prevent tearing. Strengthening the pelvic floor muscle is at least as important, and there are lots of ways to do that. Just do a Google search for pelvic floor exercises and you’ll find lots that will help. Just pick the ones that you can do without, for instance, lying on your back.


Thank you Emily! Great idea :wink:


I’m glad others think that’s not such a bad idea. I would just rather try to be proactive than have to be cut, torn, and/or stitched up down there.

Thanks for the suggestion of strengthening the pelvic floor muscles. I think at this point I am going to try that, massage, and looking into a device as mentioned above that may help.