Period 7 days after "ovulation"?


Hi there…I am very new to all this, and as I am PCOS I think i have a road ahead of me, but can anybody help me with this? I went to the fertility clinic last week Tuesday to collect my Clomid. I was obviously going to start taking it with my next cycle. The gynae did an internal scan and saw that there was a 13mm follicle on my right side, so he was convinced I would ovulate on my own by the Saturday or Sunday. He also told me that if you are not preggy, you will always have a period 10 to 14 days after ovulation. Yesterday was day 7 (approx) and I started bleeding and cramping. Dark thick blood, not light brown spotting as I would perhaps expect with implantation bleeding. This is definitely period of sports, but how is that possible? IF IF IF I did ovulate, it would have been on day 27/28/29 of my cycle. I always thought that if you hadnt ovulated by around day 20, you would not ovulate that month, but he said not always with PCOS patients? And what was that 13mm follicle doing there? Could it have already reached full size and then was perhaps in the process of shrinking without ovulating? Is this even possible? I am just totally confused! Can anybody hep? Thanks so much!!


I don’t have experience with PCOS but it’s possible you might have a lutenal phase issue that is causing such a short phase. Not sure if that’s common with PCOS but if that is what it is the “fix” is usually as simple as adding progestrone supplements after you ovulate. Have you charted your period at all to see how your phases are? A normal cycle you will have your period 14 days after ovulation, but if you have a lutenal phase defect you will have a much shorted lutenal phase.


I’ve been on a few rounds of clomid (and other drugs on future cycles) and each time my period comes very early- I totally freaked out the first time this happened & didn’t even realize it was my period starting since it was so early! I thought I was cramping up & something bad was happening. The nurses tell me the fertility medications speed everything up in many people. The meds accelerate your cycle…
It used to really bother me & make me fear for luteal phase defect. Now I really expect it and almost prefer my shorter cycle (I’d rather know sooner rather than later). I’ve never made it through the two week wait.
Or are you saying this happened to you BEFORE you took the clomid? Are all of your periods that way? What did your doctor say if your cycle is that short?