Period after Lap...advice?


Hi -

I recently had a lap and a hyterscopy (sp?) done on Oct 13. My Doctor did find some endo behind my ovaries and some on my bladder. He said it was between Stage 1 -2. I also had a cyst with a little endo on the outside of my fallobian tube. In the past, I have been diagnosed with “unexplained” we have done 4 IUI’S and they haven’t worked, so I am hoping removing the endo will help. Don’t want to get to excited though.

Anyway, I still haven’t gotten my period since the lap. My period is about a week late now and not having any symptons. I have never had a late period in my life. I was just wondering if this is common with a lap? Is it possible to skip a period completely and still ovulate this month? We wanted to try another IUI this month, but if I don’t get my period can we still try?

Would just like to hear other women’s experience with their periods after the surgery. Not sure if I should call my Doctor yet or not. And I know I am not pregnant

Thank you


I had my laparoscopy done and had two very tiny spots,(about the size of a dot on the i) removed and that was in June 2009. Dr. told me that he didn’t classify me with having endometriosis because they were so small. If I remember correctly, I was in a bit of pain for about three days and then my period was due. I am always very regular with a 28 day cycle, but after the surgery, I did not get my period until day 34. So I was a little late. Next month, everything was back on track, 28 day cycle ever since.

I don’t know about the missed period, ovulation question though. I would think you need a period to ovulate, but I could be wrong on that. Do you feel anxious or stressed? Sometimes that as well as trauma to the body(surgery) could mess up your cycle.

Good Luck! :babydust: to you!



I have had 3 laparoscopies and have been late after each one. I had Stage III Endo and several cysts removed during each surgery. My Dr. told me that it had something to do with the stimulation of the ovaries and uterus during the surgeries, and that it was pretty common to experience this. I have a very regular cycle so it was very strange for me the first two times, but I expected it the third.


Julia -

Thank you for responding. Was your period a few days late, or like 2 weeks late? Also, did you ever get any white discharge when you were supposed to get your period?
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I had a lap in June 2010 and ended up having stage 3 endo on my uterous and bladder. I had to push for this surgery because my RA didnt think I needed it because I had no symptoms of endo. After ttc for 1 1/2 years and 3 failed IUI’s I asked for the surgery. I was lucky enough to start my period about 4 days later (but I was real close to that time at the time of surgery) it started so sudden I wasn’t sure if it was bleeding from the lap or my periiod. It ended up being AF so I missed being able to do anything that cycle. My RA said you can do another cycle right away after a lap as long as you are not having any problems from the surgery. She was hoping that the endo was the cause, she said that endo can prevent implantation. I did have much better response to the meds afterwards but still had 2 more failed IUI’s. My dh and I decided to go for IVF before the endo started growing back. Good luck to you and I hope finding this new dx with help you have luck soon!:cross:

In 2ww after 1st IVf beta 11-13-10, please let it be my turn!!!


The last two surgeries I actually skipped that month entirely. The first surgery I was about 2 weeks late. Because they are completely cleaning out your parts, it is as if you had just had a very long period, so it may be longer before you have another one. Of course it varies for everyone! Best of luck!