Period never came on clomid


I took 50mg of clomid for the first time and got no period. Iam 2 weeks late with several negative hpt tests. I have never been late on my period. What could have caused this?


Did you ovulate?


[SIZE=4]The only thing I can think of is you didnt ovulate. Did you use OPK? Maybe next time you’ll need a trigger shot to induce ovulation. Did you get the clomid from your OB? Most the time your OB does not monitor you for follicle growth or ovulation. [/SIZE]


Same thing happened to me every cycle with clomid. I didn’t ovulate so therefore I never had a period. I had to move onto injectibles! I waited one time 4 months and did acupuncture bc I was determined to reset my body naturally. It didn’t work. I finally took prometrium to have a period! Best of luck!