Pete & Jackie's Infertility Story


Growing up I would never have thought my wife and I would be one of the thousands of couples that deal with infertility. It’s the proverbial …. that won’t happen to me, it’ll happen to someone else …. situation. Sure enough, our world couldn’t have been flipped further upside down. Over the course of the next several weeks (perhaps months) we plan to share the emotional, physical, and spiritual steps we take to cope with our situation, in hopes that our story provides strength to others.
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Pete and Jackie’s Infertility Fight


You need to be optimistic to go through a procedure. But if you’re too hopeful – if your hope is unrealistic – you’ll be setting yourself up for a huge fall. By keeping current on the technology and your diagnosis, you can have a good understanding of your chances of success with each treatment. The variety of medical technologies available today leads many patients to keep trying month after month, year after year. But about a third of women treated for fertility problems will be unsuccessful in having a biological child, and often must make peace with that before they can move on with their lives. Staying realistic can help you make smart choices as you work your way through the emotional minefield of treatment. Take care of yourself by pursuing other interests. Being treated for a fertility problem can feel like a full- or at least part-time job, so it’s important. Like what my therapist at Bio tex would have recommend. If your old activities are painful – maybe all your friends are parents now – look for new diversions. If hiking sounds appealing, do that. Or take a class in painting, dance, or something else that’s always interested you. And remember, laughter really is the best medicine. See a funny movie, head out to a comedy club, or reread your favorite funny novel.