PGD results (due to genetic disorder) - need to learn more.....


Hello ladies,

If you have any feedback for me, please share… Thank you!!!

I need to get Pgd with my cycle due to a genetic disorder that I pass, therefore statistically 50% of the embryos are effected.

I had 16 cells (embryos) biopsied on Dec. 1, day3, and they were sent to the lab for Pgd analysis. *On the day of my transfer, day5, I learned that:

Out of 16:
4 were ‘no signal’
-> 25% of the biopsied cells is a bit high, or is it expected? *
-> What could be the reasons?

9 were genetically abnormal (too high? If it should be 50/50)

Out of the 3 that were left, all came back without the desease gene and were all three transferred - but,
Only one continued growing after day3 biopsy and was a decently rated for day5…
The other two were ‘damaged’ after biopsy on day 3 and stopped growing.
The doctor does not expect these two to implant, and I’m trying to get more information on how common is it for the damage to be done during the biopsy on day3.
Are there any statistics as to whether those embryos that have been damaged and ‘fell asleep’ - how common is it?

To summarize, Im trying to understand:
-> damage to embryo on day3 so that it would stop growth on day3 to day5 (any implantation chance?)
-> 25% ‘no signal’ causes and how common.

I guess I’m a little shocked still because after I heard that 16 were sent for Pgd, I was sure it’s great news!!!
25% came back as no signal
And from the good ones, 68% stopped growing after biopsy…

I was hoping other people can share their Pgd stories.

If this cycle doesn’t work out, I’m going for the other round in the spring if all is well, but I guess I just want to be better prepared mentally…

Thank you!!!


I looked into PGD and came to the conclusion that it’s not worth it based on the unacceptably high rate of embryo loss and unreliable results. Many embryos exhibit mosaicism, which means not all of their cells are genetically identical. So, you can’t trust the pgd results 100%.

Also, pgd only checks a few chromosomes, so the embryos can still be abnormal.

For these reasons, top clinic like ccrm aren’t recommending it. I think they are using ccs only, even though it requires freezing the embryos and doing a fet.

I wish you the best and try to think positively – there are lots of ladies who have had healthy babies from less than stellar embies!


This is a good forum where you can ask actual RE’s questions and they get back to you usually pretty quick…its for the Sher Institute, and they do a lot of PGD. Good luck!
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