PGS/PGD on Frozen Blasts?


Hi Ladies,

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Anyone know anyone who’se done PGS or PGD on frozen blasts? What was the outcome? Thoughts on it?

Specific situation would include:

  1. thawing frozen blasts to take cells for testing
  2. re-freezing blasts immediately
  3. thawing blasts again for transfer after getting results




I had my 9 embryos tested on Day 5 and then frozen. 2 of them did not have enough DNA to test and had to be rethawed, rebiopsed and then refrozen.

I would go for it. Both of my embies made the thaw, both came back normal and were refrozen. I did lots of research and found numerous articles that as long as they were healthy normal embryos they were not affected by refreezing process. Vitrification freezing process only.

I am glad we did this as 5 of the 9 were chromsomally abnormal. We would have only had 2 embryos then.

I am transferring one of them in 2 weeks. So the jury is out but I am hoping they do ok.

Best of luck!



Thanks for sharing your experience Rach. I’ll be following your progress. I think we’ve decided to do it.

I wish you much success with your transfer and loads of :bsv:


We had 7 frozen embryos that we decided to biopsy. 2 didn’t survive the thaw so we had the other 5 tested. 1 came back normal, 2 abnormal and 2 not enough DNA.

For transfer we thawed the normal one and the 2 with not enough DNA - the normal one thawed just fine along with 1 of the other ones and the other one didn’t survive the thaw the 2nd time.


falltime, thanks so much for coming on to share your experience. I appreciate it. :grouphug:


Just did my FET today! We transferred 1 embryo. Everything looked good and the thaw went well!! I wanted to give a shout out to CCRM’s lab. The embryo that we transfered today was frozen back in April 2012. At the time we didn’t do CCS testing. Then I got pregnant with twins and miscarried. We did a D&C and realized it was chromosome issues. So we decided to thaw my remaining frozen emboys and CCS tested them-then had to refreeze them. Today thawed 1 and Transfered!. I was scared with the whole process! My lab is amazing. It’s still early so I don’t know if it worked but I do know they took great care of my emborys.

Good luck with whatever you decide!!!


JenE, praying all goes smoothly with your transfer. :pray: Thanks for sharing your experience. Sounds like CCRM is an amazing place. Happy for you that they took great care of your embabies.


Hi everyone, Just wanted to share my experience so far with doing PGS on my frozen blasts. We did the test on my 7 remaining embryos. all the embryos thawed, got tested (cell extracted), and refroze without any issue. Only 2 were normal. I transferred one normal one on 9/12. It thawed just fine the second time around and the embryologist said it was soon very well. On 9/23, today, I got my first beta and its positive at a 378 level. Hope this helps someone sometime. Hugs to all and much success.


First, congratulations!!! Second, thanks for sharing your experience. I am doing Lupron now and will hopefully do FET in Oct. Question: how long between thaw-test-thaw? How long did it take for you to get test results?


Thanks! I’m not exactly sure which day the lab thawed the embryos for the PGS test, but on 8/6, the genetics lab sent me a note saying they had received my patient intake form from my clinic. I got the test results by around 8/12 I believe. Then my transfer was on 9/12. Wishing you success with your FET in October.


Thanks for sharing this…I wish I had seen this before I did my transfer on 9/24. I struggled with whether we should have done the PGS on the only 3 frozen embies… Does this mean the results that this is 100% accurate…
So happy for you…we have 1 frozen left but we have 2 that were implanted so we are hoping for positive results.


Bbrfh28, all the forms have a caveat saying that there is always a chance for error. Typical stuff. Wishing you luck with the 2 you transferred.