Has anyone used this for MF? Also, does anyone know of any clinics that use PICSI?



I’m not that familiar with it but did look into it due to our severe MFI.

I know CCRM offers it but for some reason it was not suggested for us. We did do ICSI which may have helped. My prior clinic did not offer ICSI or PICSI.

Good luck!


We used picsi with our last fresh cycle to help with DH’s moderate DNA fragmentation and 10% morphology. It is hard to say whether or not picsi has helped since we still have not had a BFP. We also incorporated several other changes to our cycle that could have contributed to better quality embryos. First and foremost, my RE changed up my stims. My RE added 75iu of Menopur from the first day of stims rather than waiting to day 3 of stims. This caused me to stim faster. My RE believed this change would help the eggs be stronger to help mitigate some of the sperm issues. DH also took Coast Science and we incorporated 7 consecutive days of “relations” up to 2 days before ER. That cycle ended up resulting in 11 biopsied grade 5 (hatching) embryos by day 6. Of the biopsied embryos 6 were normal. During this cycle every egg that fertilized (31) continued to develop through day 5; other than the 11 biopsied and 1 grade 3, the others didn’t meet RE’s lab freezing standard. This opposed to the previous cycle, were all 18 day 5 embryos that either stopped developing or began deteriorating later on in the day of day 5 after two were transferred, was a success. (Please see sig.) So whether or not picsi helped, I don’t know but I would do it again. My RE charges $200 for picsi and that was only a drop in the bucket for us compared to all of the OOP expenses. This is just my two cents. Best wishes!


We did PICSI and IMSI at CCRM due to high DNA fragmentation. We never made day 5 blasts until CCRM.