Pimple .... bringing me down


I am 5 days away from my blood test from my first ivf. I have been feeling pretty optimistic until now. All it took was a pimple. I am now convinced that my period is on its way. I can not stop obsessing about it. I get a pimple every time AF is near. Has anyone had this and still pregnant?
I am just a bundle of nerves. Help!


It depends on your protocol. I was on bc pills and I had my 1st blood work and scan and then started the next day. Cramps and all. The nurse said it was 100% normal and it does not change a thing.


Thanks for your response, but I am a little unclear. Do you mean it is normal to have period symptoms and still be pregnant? I was never on bcps, we just started the ivf on day 3 of my cycle.
Either way, I guess I will have to suffer throught this until my results on Wednesday.

Thanks again!


I still had my normal AF symptoms, but was still pregnant. I even cramped terribly (actually worse than usual in hind sight) and had spotting on 7 & 8dp5dt.

:cross: Wednesday brings you your BFP! :babydust: :babydust:


Thank you Ahhny! I keep telling myself that no matter how much I try to read into every twinge, pimple, or what have you, it will not change my reality on Wednesday!


Since pregnancy and a period are both preceded by the same hormone levels (a whole lot of progesterone), early pregnancy symptoms and PMS tend to be very similar. Each pregnancy is different, so with one you may have your full complement of PMS symptoms, and with another you may not, but just having them really doesn’t tell you one way or another whether you’re about to have a period.


With all of my girls I get acne while pregnant the whole time. Its one of the signs i looked for when wondering if I was pregnant. Don’t give up hope. :cross: Good Luck!


Thanks so much for your responses. I am trying to stay positive.
It’s so hard to imagine anything but my period, since I have never been pregnant. Keeping my chin up. What will be, will be.
Best of luck to all of you!


I feel the same way pimples always get me down. When I was pregnant the last time I had all the PMS symptoms but no pimples and was pregnant. Since then every time I get one I fear the worst. I have had friends that actually had worse break outs when they were pregnant but with all the disappointment I have had in the past its hard to stay positive. I keep trying though and with the new year I am trying to stay positive pimple or no pimple. Keep your head up and I hope for the best for you!!:bsv:
Best of luck to you!:cross: