Pituitary (fsh & lh) issues


Hello All. I’m new to this forum and pretty much new to everything involving infertility and pregnancy. I’m 30 and my wife and I have been trying to conceive for a little over a year. After no success, we both decided to consult our doctors. I started by having a standard semen analysis at an IVF facility. My results came back and everything appears to be a okay there:
5.3 ml volume
61 million/ml motile
84 million/ml total

73% motility

Forward progression:
20% rapid
50% moderate
20% sluggish
10% non-progressive

Quality of progression: 3+
round cells: 2 million/ml

Not that any of this means much to me but the test shows everything is in range & my wife’s fertility doctor said everything was good. I then went to my PCP for an annual physcial and had them do my regular blood work including testosterone and thyroid. My testosterone came back pretty low, 6.8 PG/ML, which I was pretty surprised by b/c I’m only 30 and very active (the rest of my blood work is good (cholesterol and CBC were okay). My PCP ran another blood test which came back and showed low levels of both FSH and LH. They were both at 1.3 MIU/ML. I understand both of these hormones play an important part in the reproduction system, from what i’ve read my semen anlaysis should’ve probably show me to be sterile. My doc was pretty confused by the results, he said he hadn’t really seen anything like it and wants me to see an endocrinologist. I immediately started calling endos all over my city and couldn’t find anyone who could take me within the next month, I finally found someone who would see me in July. I really want to find out what’s going on with me, I don’'t have any symptoms that would leave me to think I have a pituitary tumor (no headaches, vision issues, etc). I sometimes feel fatigued/lack energy but nothing crazy. Should I just wait to see what the endo says? There really isn’t much info on the web about this, it seems like a pretty rare scenario. Could these hormones be behind our inability to conceive so far? Even though the sperm count is normal? Any feedback or anyone who has a similar experience to share would be helpful, I feel pretty lost right now. Thanks so much.


If your sperm analysis checked out, and it looks like the results were good, there should be nothing to worry about on your end.

My FSH was low (not sure what the value was) and I was prescribed Clomid. In 2 months, my sperm count went from 15mil to 60mil. But the bad news was my sperm motility was bad. Forward progressing was about 2%.

So over the next 2 months, I cut out alcohol, took several vitamins, and ran 3 miles every other day. Not sure how much the motility improved, but my wife is now 7 weeks pregnant.

Best of luck to you and never give up hope. We tried for almost 2 years.

Get checked out by the endo just to be safe. More than likely nothing to worry about, but good to get checked nonetheless.



Hey chrisbee,
I am not too familiar with sperm results sincec my hubby had a failed vasectomy reversal. What I can tell you is if your PCP is stating that you may have a pituitary tumor you should ask for an MRI pituitary prior to seeing your endo. This way you have some results which you can take with you for your endo appointment. The MRI will give you answers…

Good luck and baby dust to you two!