Pituitary problems need help


My boyfriend had a tumor on his pituitary gland when he was young and now his body doesn’t produce sperm. Do any of you know if there are treatments out there for that?


Hi Blackrose,
My husband has also had this and has had two operations and finally radiation to remove the growth and stop the release of growth hormone. Do you know how he had it removed and how long ago? The endocrinologists always said to us that his fertility issues had nothing to do with the tumour but in my reading and research I founs that a high level of growth hormone during puberty can have a negative impact in sperm production.
anyway… to answer your question, if he was operated on you have a better chance than if radiation was used though having said that the effects of radiation arent fully active until up to 5 years after the treatment so if you are within that window things should be OK.

My husband has no sperm in his ejaculate and it was this that lead us to accept radiation treatment however we decided to have it checked out again after moving from the UK the NZ and they performed a TESA operation extracting sperm directly from the tubules in the testes and we were very lucky to have 5 straws of great quality sperm frozen after this.

They are less motile and much less in volume than regular guys so we have undergone 3 rounds of IVF with ICSI and you’ll be pleased to hear that our final cycle has resulted in a BFP…currently 10 weeks along with 4 brothers and sisters in the freezer. All sounds very quick but this bub is 7 years in the making, if i knew what I’ve just told you we would have a 6 year old now!

I dont believe there is much ‘treatment’ towards getting a natural BFP however that depends on his initial treatment. I wish you lots and lots of luck, I know how hard this is and it is often hard not to resent him but work together with this and you will get what you want.


If I’m not mistaken his was just surgically removed and it seems as tho he had the same thing as your husband. He had a crazy growth spurt in 6th grade and grew a full beard and all that jazz and that’s how they found the tumor. They actually removed part of his pituitary gland with his tumor and he stopped growing. He’s only 5’5…they told him that there wasn’t any hormones to help him continue to grow. Anyway, I thought that maybe if we went to see an endocrinologist that they may could help us with the infertility…


[FONT=Georgia]Hey ladies,[/FONT]
[FONT=Georgia]Am I correct in assuming you’re reffering to acromegaly? This is the rare condition my husband has, caused by a tumor on the pituitary gland. His symptoms/story sounds a whole lot like what you’ve both described. [FONT=Georgia] He was diagnosed acromegaly in 2007 and the tumor was surgically removed. He also did one radiation treatment following.[/FONT][/FONT]
[FONT=Georgia][FONT=Georgia]After it was removed, his pituitary gland and thyroid are useless, and he has been on synthetic thyroid, hydrocortisone, and testosterone injections (only as of November '11, the month we were married). We were advised the testosterone therapy would render him sterile within 6-12 months - but it only took a matter of weeks. After a sky high sperm count analysis in October '11, we learned a couple of weeks ago that his count is now zero.[/FONT]
[FONT=Georgia]As of now, his endocrinologist is prescribing HCG injections 3x/week to “wake up” his sperm production. The catch is that these injections will run us $320/month, and this makes us unsure of whether we should 1) simply stay on HCG until we’re through having children, or 2) bank several vials after his sperm count is up and pay the big bucks for insemination or IVF if we can’t conceive after a second, future round of HCG.[/FONT]
[FONT=Georgia]There’s also a possibility I will have issues even conceiving as well. I plan to meet with my OB/GYN for an analysis, as I do not menstruate without being on birth control. We’re feeling overwhelmed, to say the least. :)[/FONT]




same boat here. Dh has a pituitary tumor causing his prolactin to be extremely high, making his testosterone very low and killing his libido.

Now he takes Dostinex every week and a new control came back with an almost normal prolactin.
But his SA is now awfull and his libido is not getting better. I give him some supplements like vitamins, maca, minerals. Let see what happens…



My husband had a tumour on his pituitary and subsequent acromegaly about 10/11 years ago. Two years ago we got engaged and shortly after he had an appointment with his endocrinologist who told him for the first time since the tumour that he will have fertility problems. Something neither of us were aware of up until this point and he was quite shocked and upset about.

Anyway fast forward two years and we have just got married and are ready to start our family. So we have been seeing a specialist who advised us that the nebido drug he takes provides him with plenty of ‘man’ testosterone but none of the testosterone needed for producing sperm. So at the end of the month his injection is changing to hcg once the nebido is out of his system (we’re lucky that we’re in England so all of our treatment is on the NHS, I think it would be very costly otherwise). The doctor seems very positive and doesn’t think it will be a problem, my husband is also quite optimisitic but I’m more skeptical. I’ve done some searching and found case studies where it has worked for some men but I was wondering if it has worked for anyone on here?

I would love to here other people’s experiences about this problem. It’s hard seeing friends and family having babies so easily and we haven’t even properly started trying yet and are faced with so many problems!