Please advice on how many eggs to transfer


[INDENT]So we got the all clear to do a FET frozen egg transfer in mid January. My DD is 7months tomorrow and will be almost 9 during the transfer. She will be breastfeeding still (RE says thats not a problem) So we are allow allowed to transfer up to 2 eggs. 40% chance at twins, However during the first transfer, with DD, we also transferred two and it only resulted in her. How many do you think? I would love some advice. I think since I am nursing that may hender the chance a little, even though he says no. DH says two but I would worry about twins after a c/s. If we get pregnant they would be 19 months apart. Advice needed

Also mom with twins or who are/were pregnant with twins, please share your stories [/INDENT]


I’m sure this goes without saying, but it’s obviously a big personal decision. However, DH and I were fortunate enough to get pregnant this round of IVF with a 2 yo at home. This was our last attempt before trying donor eggs. We transferred 2 because a) we only had 2 good looking embryos, b) we did a 2 day transfer, and c) our last 6 blasts we’ve transferred have either resulted in BFNs or chemical pg. We were shocked at the first appt to see two sacs, and let me tell you it brought TONS of worries to the surface - the increased risk of complications to mom and babies with twins, the risk of prematurity and all that entails, having to buy new cars because we’d have to fit 3 carseats in the back, paying for daycare for 3 babies, how our DD would adjust to life with twin sibs, paying for 3 kids’ college educations within 2-3 years, fitting 2 more kids into our house, having to buy another crib, stroller, carseat, etc since we could only use our DDs for one of the twins.

If you can truly handle the idea of twins, financially, emotionally, etc, then that might be a good choice for you. Remember the risk of an embryo splitting as well - one woman in my IVF group transferred 2 and got triplets, another transferred 2 but is having identical twins, so one of the embryos split. Anyway, triplets would not be unheard of with a 2 embryo transfer…

You can tell this issue has recently touched me, so there may be more info than you need, in which case sorry! I have a friend who had twins when her first was 4 (I think) and she thinks it’s great. So I’m not trying to panic you, but it really really caused me a lot of sleepless nights, thinking about those two sacs…



Luvbuggy-- I agree with Hopeful in CO. There are a lot of considerations concerning twins. You have to assume if you transfer two that you are going to get twins. You have successfully carried a singleton so twins might not be a problem, you just don’t know.

You did not mention quality of the embryos. I think that is a huge factor. We choose eSET for both of our FET’s and it was the right choice for us. As it is, if this 3rd pregnancy turns out successful then we are going to have three in Daycare for a year before my oldest goes to Kindergarten. I am a wee panicked at the thought of $3k a month for a nice quality daycare for three. But due to age we felt like we had to go for it but we did not want to increase our odds of twins more than would have occurred naturally.

At our clinic (one of the largest in the country) they heavily support transferring one if they are high quality blasts. They have a long intensive clinical study that the success rates are the same if you transfer one blast or two the only difference is higher chance of twins when you transfer two.

This is such a personal decision but it sounds like you are seeking out opinions and thoughts to add to your own. I know of many twin IVF pregnancies with no complications, no issues etc. I have a 3.5 year old and 19month old right now and this singleton pregnancy is EXHAUSTING. More so than the other two. I attribute that to running around after two toddlers. If you have tons of support you can probably get through a twin pregnancy just fine. All of those thoughts to add into your mix.

Also I have been on these message boards for a long time, not once I have I heard of any RE saying Breastfeeding will not interfere with a transfer. In fact, from what I have read they all want you stop 2-3 months before hand to give the best possible odds for transfer. It sounds like you are doing natural transfer so minimal drugs, which should not affect breastfeeding, but if you do conceive I know your OB will want you to stop BF ASAP. That is what I have always been told. I would maybe do a little more research on that one if it was me. You definitely do not want to waste any of your precious embryos.

Good luck with your decision and congrats on your new Baby!!



Thanks for the advice ladies. I have 11 more blasts that are “As good as it gets” 5AA. We also have something like 16 eggs that were frozen just as eggs. I do not think I would be able to handle pregnancy with twins, or the results after. My DD is very clingy to mommy and I wold not want her to have to adjust to two babies right away.

My re sounded really confident in there being no ill affect in me breastfeeding and doing a transfer. I will continue to breastfeed her and do the FET, and if it does not work out after I wean her we will try again. We have decided to do a estrogen/progesterone cycle. I had abnormal uterine bleeding so I know what my levels (estrogenand progesterone) have been like so he has determined those natural hormones vs artificial are the same and are ok with bf. I am still trying to wean her but she wont take a bottle :mad:

The cycle is really simple and as “Natural” as possible. I will do some more research about BF and pregnancy, but he seems to think it will not hinder my chaances of implantation? Any thought…appreciate all of your advice




I just wanted to tell you my storie. I currently have an 18 month old daughter we transferd 2 embies and only got her. We did it again in Oct and both embies took and I am now pregnant with twins. I was so scared but it all changed yesterday. I started to bleed and had clots. I for sure thought i lost them both! I cried so much thinking of the what if. I then realized how lucky i was to be having twins. I know its going to be hard but what in life worth fighting for isnt? I know love the idea of having two. Best of luck to you.


If you don’t want twins, then I would strongly suggest transferring only 1. A twin pregnancy is very hard, mostly in the middle of second trimeter and then the 3rd trimester. Since your eggs are super quality, the chances that both will take are fairly high.

I have twins, and I feel so guilty that I can’t hold them enough or give each one my undivided attention. I can only imagine how hard it would be with a toddler. She’s really not going to get much attention, because one baby will almost always cry or need your attention (feeding, diaper, etc).

But…twins are a blessing and I wouldn’t change it for the world, so it’s up to you.


As for the bf and FET question, I agree that I’ve almost always heard that it may affect implantation so to stop BF 2-3 mos before. My dd at 7 mos must have heard me talking to the RE and decided she wanted a sib more than mother’s milk because she weaned herself soon after that conversation. My RE recommended 2-3 months off. I’m afraid that I don’t have much scientific knowledge about it, just that that seems to be the most often advised course.

Best of luck to you!



I am very nervous about doing the transfer during breastfeeding however I do not have much of an option other than waiting until she weans or try it with B/F. She will not take a bottle of breastmilk nor formula. Will only have a little bit of water from her sippy cup. I would be very sad to wean her and end up with a BFN because I would love to make it to 12 months. The meds I am taking are ok, and my prolactin levels are back to normal. He said, other RE worry about contractions from oxytosin(sp) and he said that does not concern him. We will see. I have prepared myself for a BFN in this case, and will wait till I wean her if this cycle fails. (they are charging us A LOT less because of the b/f and because I donated egg before)


I say only do 2 if you REALLY REALLY want twins. We had to make this decision a few weeks ago, my emotional side wanted to try for two so bad because we were feeling so desperate for a baby or babies, but my logical side knew that for me, two might be too much (financially and physicaly since my hubby is in the military and could deploy, and family is far away). We also have a good reserve of good quality embies, and it sounds like you do too. My RE said our chances have soooo much to do with the quality of the embies. So when it came down to it, we chose one, i was certain it would not work but just got a bfp monday :slight_smile: :slight_smile: Even if for some reason this one doesnt stick, i will only transfer one again next time! I say if your embies are good and you would perfer one baby, go with one, but its totally personal, best wishes!!


I think it depends on your RE. Mine will only transfer one for my age group. I don’t think it’s fair but they dont want you to have twins.


I am pretty sure we are going to do a eSET. At my first ultra-sound I will ask him again what he recommends and go with that, which will be one. I am not ready for twins by any means. If I do not get pregnant, I am already was blessed with my DD and will try again after she stops b/f. I have to be realistic :grouphug:


LoveBuggy-- Have you spoken to your OB about breastfeeding if you get a BFP? WHen are they going to want you to wean etc? If your RE thinks no problem with conceiving great, but what is your OB going to say. I have always heard that BF mom’s who conceive are advised to stop BF as soon as possible.

No personal experience with this but just what I have read. Good luck and keep everyone posted. I know others will appreciate any info you gather.