Please help calm my craziness lol


Hello ladies,
So I am driving myself crazy today with the HPT. I am 5dp3dt (which is early to poas) but I did today with a CVS brand early detection test. Now, there wasn’t a second line that was dark but (here’s where the craziness comes in) I held it up to the light and there is a VERY VERY faint 2nd line… my question is, is there always a faint line on the test sticks when they get “wet”? I had tested the trigger out of my system already but I didnt scrutinize those and have since thrown them away. I was almost going to have my dh pee on one just so I could compare to see if there is always the a hint of a line in a negative test, but he told me i was nuts and just wait a few more days. When i say this line was faint, I mean faint… you cant see it unless you hold it up to light and stare at it.


It’s really very early for a positive my guess is evap line 6dp3dt is the absolute earliest I’d even think of seeing anything 7-10 dpt is much more likely.


Is it possibly still the trigger shot? Some people carry those around longer than others. When I did TI/injectables, I got a very faint line at 11dpo (right around where you are now) and it was gone by the next day. I think it was residual from the trigger.

HOWEVER, a line is a line, no matter how faint. With my son, the line was super faint the first day…I showed my sister and she was very skeptical because it was barely there. It was much darker the next day…so tomorrow will give you a better answer. :cross: for you!!


I just got a positive today 5dp5dt and looking at my tests from the last two days, I now see a super faint line on yesterday’s test. I say test again the next day and if it was real, it will be darker and take the guess work away. :slight_smile:


I guess the line yesterday was either the trigger still in my system or the evap line like the previous poster said b/c there is no line today at 6dp3dt. Im getting myself all upset expecting the bfn again. I know everyone says to stay positive but after 6 cycles it is so hard to remain positive at all. Anyone get a negative hpt at 6dp3dt and go on to bfp? If so what day did you get your bfp on a hpt? I think Im also thinking this is a failure b/c my last cycle I tested positive at 4dp5dt which would equal 6dp3dt. I am just a mess right now.


Try not to worry too much…it is still really early! I got my first bfp at 5dp5dt (which would be like day 7 for you), and this was with really HIGH betas (over 1,000 for my first level). If I would have had more “normal” levels, I would have likely not had a positive for a few more days.

I have a blog post about when to test, the post itself is nothing special, but there are hundreds of comments from people in their two week window. You may find it helpful :).
Good luck to you, hope you get a positive soon!!!


try to stay positive. My one year old, I did a 5dt and did not get a faint faint line until 7dp.:babydust:


thank you all for you positive words… I am literally driving myself crazy, I checked the hpt again 20 min. after i took it and I see that faint faint 2nd line again. Evaporation line perhaps???


I think for a true positive it should be there in the 3-5 minutes that the test directs. I think they all have different directions so I would check those.


so tempting to look after the timeframe but it so key to only go by results within the timeframe that the instructions dictate or you could be very heartbroken along the way. Been there, done that. You cannot go by anything after the time.


Just wanted to let u know I had a bfn 7 and 8dp3dt and my 2.5 yr old DD is a crazy toddler right now youre still too early


So I sent my dh to the store to buy the frer test (I was using cvs brand blue dye) and I just took it and I swear I see the faintest of lines. I just called my dh in and he says he sees it too but I’m wondering if he is just saying that to keep my stress level down. I guess only time will tell. Thank you all for your support and advice.


my trigger usually stays in me for 10-11 days. which is 5/6 days p3dt so you might be preggars…

Good luck.