Please help our dreams come true by voting for us to win a FREE IVF cycle


Hi Ladies!

I really need your help in winning a cycle my clinic is giving away! We were selected as 1 of 10 finalists and now its up to YOU to vote! You can read our struggle at the following link. This is our ONLY hope we do not have insurance coverage and we cannot get approved for a loan. Please we so desperately need your help!
Please vote for Victoria and Walter!


Please the voting just takes a minute!


Hey Victoria! I just voted for you! Best of luck and lots of hugs to you and DH.


Thanks and Congrats on the triple blessing!!!


Please it only takes a moment to vote and you do not need to give any personal info! Just click on Victoria and Walter and select vote. Thank you so much!


Just bumping this up! Voting is open through Monday please take just a second to vote!:thankyou: