Please Help


My husband and I are TTC. I Am 39 and he is 40, we both have 4 children from previous marriages but have been TTC our own for 3 months. I have regular cycles I seem to be ovulating at about CD 15/16. I do not temp i did have an IUD for 12 yrs, my husband is on 3 meds Lyrica, Trazadone and Metropolol. I wonder if the meds have an effect on sperm, or if we are just to old. Do the fertility vitamins work? Any advice would be great!!


Hi Cowgirlattitude! I don’t have the answers for you, but I wanted to welcome you to the forums. I hope all goes well for you!


Gosh…it’s too hard to say. Most meds you can look up to see if they affect fertility. Of course, age plays a factor, but these things seem to be based on the individual. And I do know someone who was TTC for a few years and both took the vitamins and they have a six month old now. So who knows?! I think it’s best to see a specialist and find out. The thing I regret most is wasting time listening to people’s silly advice. I wish I would have seen a specialist sooner.


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