Please interpret my day 3 test results for fertility


Hello Everyone! I’m new here and sooo happy to be part this community. I never done this type of blood test, but my doctor want to check my chances of getting pregnant naturally and results come back. I dont know what any of this means and my Dr. will not be in his office for another week! I did some reserach online but I dont know it these are good or bad results. Please help! I was tested for: Results: FSH 12.7 Estradiol 50 TSH 2.20 Prolactin 5 I’m over 40 with normal menstrul cycle, never been pregnant. Thank you!


This is a good overview.
AMH is not really the crucial number here. It’s used to gauge your ovarian reserve but it’s not the be all and end all. The question is, how much over 40 are you?