Please share protocol (if you had success!)


Hi there,

I have one daughter from a fresh IVF cycle but I’ve had 3 FET failures. My clinic has a lower than normal success rate for FET’s for some reason. My doctor doesn’t even know why and even admits she is embarrassed! There standard protocol is Lupron, Estrace pills, then crinone or endometrin. They will do natural cycles by request, but it the same success rate. I’m thinking maybe it’s the meds? Any of you use different meds? How about the estrogen patches? Thank you!!! This is our only chance at giving our daughter a sibling! :slight_smile:


I haven’t had one, but my clinic simply uses estrogen patches and then PIO or endometrin/prometrium.


I am currently going thru my preping for my FET this coming week. I was given estradial starting day 3 of my cycle. I was also taking prenatal vitamin 81mg aspirin and 2 folic acid 800mg per day. I took the estradial 2mg three times a day by mouth during my period. After my period stopped I took 2 pills orally and then the third pill was inserted vaginally. I also took doxycycline antibiotic for ten days. In seven days my lining went from a 6 to a 12.5 triple stripe. I started my pio injections yesterday with 1/2cc, today is 1cc and from tomorrow out will be 1 1/2 cc pio. As of today all my estradial is taken by mouth. I also started my Medrol (prednisone) pack today and will take to the morning of transfer which is This Thursday 8/29. I will be continuing the PIO then crinone.
I hope this helps a little bit. I do not know if your RE uses the antibiotic or the prednisone but does not hurt to mention it to them to see what they think. Good luck and lots of baby dust to ya! If you need any more info feel free to ask…:flower:



I would be doing a FET in Oct. My RE says delestrogen shots are more effective than estradiol patches. So may be you can discuss with your RE on that.


My clinic does bcp for at least two weeks, lupron, estrogen patches (used Minivelle this time - love them) & baby asprin. After e2 check and lining check, stop Lupron, continue patches and asprin, add 1cc PIO in AM, vaginal endometrian PM, then five days before transfer a for day course of medrol & doxycycline, then one valium on transfer day.

What about the skill of her embryologist? I would think that is also important.

Good luck! I just went through 6 FET embies and got my bfp yesterday. Hoping for a solid beta.