Please share you beta numbers!!


For those of you ladies who have had IUI and successfully are pregnant or already had your babies what were some of your beta numbers and what days post iui where they? And how many babies were inside with those numbers? IVF ladies welcome to share as well!


I did IUI with my 5 year old twins and my first beta at 14 dpiui was 230.

With my current twin pregnancy, I did IVF and my first beta at 9dp5dt (equivalent to 14dpo) was 291.

Best of luck to you!


at 12dpo my beta with DD was 13.5 which is pretty low…at 18dpo it was 243.


for my twins, 16dpiui mine was 1200+ . good luck!


sharing hcg levels

I just turned 29, found no fertility concerns for me or my husband after 1 year of TTC naturally. We had an early m/c after conceiving naturally 1 year ago.
I did 5 days of 50mg. clomid and and IUI.

My first several hcg #'s:
14 dpo: 170 and progesterone 70 Yay, a positive prg. test!!:clap: :bfp:
16 dpo: 400
18 dpo: 810
20 dpo: 1529
25 dpo: hcg 6,000 & ultrasound found a healthy sac, YAY!
I am now 34 dpo and waiting for my second ultrasound to check things out, that is in 6 days. We may hear a heartbeat but it may be too early for that. If all continues to be well I get to leave the fertility specialist and return to my midwife!

I know that each woman can have drastically different hcg’s and have a healthy preg. and baby.

Best wishes to all!


I had 1 baby girl and my #'s were:

14dpiui- 145
18dpiui- 947
24dpiui- 5,694


1st beta was over 100, the 2nd was over 500 and the 3rd(which i just had yesterday) is 11,281


I’m currently 18 weeks pregnant with twins, but originally had triplets until one stopped growing at 10 weeks. My betas were:

9dp5dt 252
11dp5dt 498
18dp5dt 12075


My numbers weren’t all that high in the beginning. But as you can see in my siggy, I’m currently expecting twins.


Thanks for sharing ladies!! WOW I see then numbers really are different for everyone… I’m just so exccited to find out… my u/s is this monday coming up =) yay!! i’llk keep you posted :slight_smile:


I was a bit nervous after the 2nd beta but, as you can see in my siggy, the 3rd one fell right into place (and then some!!)

Congrats on your pregnancy!! And good luck tomorrow!


Beta number and new member

:bfp: on 11/26 6 days post transfet

1st beta #79

2nd beta #169

:preg: I am so excited!!!

happy and healthy 9 months to us all!


My first beta at 13dpo was 100. I had one little man from that :slight_smile: Good luck at your ultrasound today.


Sig says it all


See below sig:

Me: 34 PCO, taking Metformin for a year
DH: 34 Low Morphology
TTC: 2 years

#1 IUI November, 2010

CD 3~7 Clomid 100mg
CD 8 Repronex Injection
CD 13 U/S: 1 follicle measured at 18mm ready for trigger; lining 7mm; hCG trigger shot the same day
CD 15 (11/18): IUI
5dpiui Progesterone: 23.09
16dpiui (12/4):bfp: :woohoo:
19dpiui (12/7) 1st Beta: 312 :clap: Progesterone: 43.56
21dpiui (12/9) 2nd Beta: 870 :clap:
23dpiui (12/11) 3rd Beta: 2070 :thankyou: :preg:

12/14 - 1st U/S Saw one little sac (est. at 5 1/2 weeks) :cheer: