POAS after 3DT


I am 6 days post 3DT. My beta is Friday, December 23rd. I am considering POAS tomorrow morning- the 19th (7DPT). I see that some other women have gotten their BFPs that early. Should I do it tomorrow or wait until Tuesday?


The longer you wait, the more sure you can be, but I would do it tomorrow :slight_smile: I got my BFP at 5dp3dt and that is REALLY early. The first time, I got a BFP at 7dp3dt. Good luck! I hope you get your holiday miracle.


U can test but if it’s negative don’t be defeated I got a BFN at 7 and 8 dpt and my beta wasnt low 154 my DD is now 14 months old


I can’t believe you got your BFPs that early. How exciting! Thanks so much for the advice. I am so anxious. Hopefully the third time (3rd IVF) is the charm!


I didn’t get a positive until 12 dpo so I would wait until 9dp3dt because the days before I got hardcore negatives and was super depressed when I got those bfns. If I could go back I would have waited. Best of luck!