POF-Determined to get AF back


Hi ladies. I am brand spanking new to the world of infertility forums and I’m needing a little support, inspiration and positivity. I’m 34 and my husband and I want a baby more than anything in this world. I have POF AND Diminished Ovarian Reserve Estrdiol 20; FSH 133; AMH 0.16 and blood tests confirmed the cause is unknown. Although the Dr. didn’t seem to think so, I feel being on birth control for 17 years straight played a part in it. I got off of them Sept 2012 and haven’t had a period since. I am healthy in every other way and am currently undergoing alternative therapies: TCM herbs and acupuncture; fertility massage; yoga; supplements royal jelly, maca, red clover, liquorice root, chaste berry, DHEA, CoQ10, Larganine, nettle leaf, black cohosh, milk thistle, Pregnitude to improve egg quality increase reproductive blood flow; castor oil packs. My goal right now is to get my menstrual cycle back. I am determined and willing to try anything and everything. My RE was very negative in saying I have a 1 in 10 million chance of conceiving and only option being DE but I have seen many posts all over the internet of people in similar situations ended up having a baby naturally so I am on a mission to do whatever it takes.

If anyone has or is going through the same and has had any success with anything, I would love to hear it. I am trying very hard to stay positive and sometimes I am, but other times I feel frustrated, sad, hopeless, anxious, angry, broken. It’s a battle, as I am sure you can all relate. My husband is VERY supportive, but it would definitely be nice to have some dialogue with other women who have been through or are currently going through the same thing. Especially if you have had any success!

I’m considering trying a Naturopath, found one near me that is a board certified OBGYN who specializes in ovarian failure… It’s expensive but wondering if it’s worth a shot…

From my heart to yours,


Hi Coley,
Conceiving with Premature Ovarian Failure, is a challenge. Although some women can get pregnant, the chances are quite small. Often women with POF opt for egg donation. But you should do whatever feels right for you. Many fertility doctors specialize in this area.
If you are determined to conceive naturally, find a doctor that supports your decision-it will make the process easier.

I have no personal experience with POF, so my advice is limited.

Anyone else out there on the forum with some more advice?


I had success with DOR, not sure what the difference is with POF. I did all the natural things that you are doing. Acupuncture made a huge difference for me. My dr told me to go straight to de but I wanted to try first with my own. I had pg on my second iui and he told me it was nearly impossible too. I don’t know if it will sound hokey to you or not but I also talked with a healer and she told me that she thought I had mother issues from a previous life and that I needed to let go of it. The next acupuncture visit I had I went to some place in my mind that I had never been and it’s really hard to explain but I kept seeing all these images play out over and over and I literally sobbed the entire time and I remember saying I forgive you, over and over. I don’t know what compelled me to do any of it but I’m convince it helped me to move forward to becoming a mom. It seemed to be holding me back. Good luck to you and I hope your drem becomes a reality for you!


Hi there! POF and DOR are pretty much the same thing-your ovaries are shutting down early. I have the same thing. Have you spoken to your mother? Often times DOR is hereditary. My Mom, Aunt, and Grandma all went through menopause in their late 30’s…and didn’t think to tell me until after the problems started.:slight_smile:

No doctor accurately knows your chances of conceiving, it angers me when they throw out the most dismal number on the planet. IUI’s did not work for me. I was rejected from two IVF clinics because my AMH was non-detectable and I didn’t respond to their protocol. I altered my protocol for IVF after doing hours of research and then called a new Dr. and asked if we could give my idea a try.

I’m due with twin girls in June!

The herbs, pills, homeopathic stuff helped to relax me, but did little to improve my egg output. In the end, it was determination, money, and luck that got to where I am now…on permanent bed rest!:). It’ll all be worth it in a few months.

Good luck-don’t give up.


I just read your blog. I too have one, google richnginger blogspot…I’d link it for you if I knew how. If you ever want to talk about this process I’d be happy to give you a call. There are several tips I could have used throughout this journey.

Good luck-Boomer