Pomegranate Girls


Hey Everyone!

I just wanted to share with you [B][COLOR=“DarkRed”]PomegranateGirls.com[/B], a Non Profit that I started with a friend to help bring [B]Unity[/B] to those of us going through fertility struggles… [B]Reminding us that We are STRONG, We are BRAVE, We ARE going to create our FAMILIES![/B]

The [COLOR=“DarkRed”]pomegranate charm (aka POM Charm) was created as a symbol of [COLOR=“DarkRed”]support, [COLOR=“DarkRed”]strength and [COLOR=“DarkRed”]love for all those who have struggled with infertility in their efforts to start a family.

[B]All[/B] proceeds will go to Fertility Research as well as each year we will select one woman or couple who’s story touches our heart and help their quest in starting their family.

[B]In a short 3 weeks:[/B]
We have sold over 100 POM Charms (bracelets & necklaces) & have over 375 followers on Twitter!
We have also started selling in Acupuncture clinics! (so if you know of any clinic or store that would like to sell them, please send me a PM!)

They are so cute!! I would LOVE for you to visit the site and help us spread the word and show the world that your proud to be a POM Girl…!

Penna aka Omegagirl :wink:

Quote: “The Strongest get the toughest tests”