Poor Embryo Quality but still day 5t?


I had 19 eggs retrieved on Saturday May 11

of those 19 eggs 16 were mature

of those 16 eggs 11 made it over night

of those 11 9 are still growing appropriately with these grades

(1 being the best 3 being the worst)

2 - grade 2

6 - grade 2- (minus)

1 - grade 3

So I am set for a day 5 transfer but am worried that I have no grade 1 embryos as it is, that I won’t have any that make it til Thursday…can my embryos IMPROVE still or will they most likely turn worse instead of better??

Do you have any idea of success rates for pregnancy with these grades…? and do you know what it means by the grade 2- (minus) compared to grade 2 in general???

Thank you!!


Hi! I can’t answer your specific questions, but I can say I’ve definitely seen folks have success with 2 and even 3 grade embryos.

GOOD LUCK!!! :babydust:


I am wondering the same. I have two blasts and both were graded 3 (the worst). One is an early blast and the other and advanced. Hope there is some kind of success factor with these. Am really worreid.


I don’t have a success story yet but I am right there with you! I had my ER on 5/12, it was my worst cycle outcome ever and they made it to Day 5, yesterday, but were not great quality. I had four and one was a C and the others they didn’t rate. I am just holding my breath one can make it. Good luck and :bsv:


I’ve been on this forum for awhile, and I’ve seen many BFPs with poor quality embies, and lots of BFNs with perfect embies. You never know. I knew one girl who’s clinic graded A-E, with E being the worst, and she had 2 kids with D and E embies for transfer (she got pg with both her IVFs). Focus on the things you can control, rather than stressing about the things you cannot. Best wishes!


my re said the grading is only a beauty contest and is more important they made it that far versus what they look like. best of luck!