Poor Pharmacy Performance can be Devastating


I wanted to warn any women out there expecting to use popular mail order pharmacy that starts with Freedom. YOU MUST DO MORE THAN DUE DILIGENCE TO CONFIRM YOUR MEDICATION DELIVERY. I ordered my medication through the my RE 15 days before they were set to be delivered. I spoke with Freedom twice about the medication and then Two days, (2 days I say!) before delivery they called me about an insurance problem. I responded within 20 min of the phone call and requested to stay on the line while they put the information in. The women said it looked like everything was going through with the new info and she would CALL ME if there was a problem.

The day was to receive the my medication, my door stoop was empty. That evening I had to call and find out there was a problem with my insurance and it had been denied. I was scheduled to start meds on Friday and Thanksgiving was in the way. I was Devastated! There was no way the pharmacy that was supposed to send me meds could have gotten them to me in time. (My RX plan wanted to send the meeds to me through there specialty pharm, not contract through Freedom, although my health insurance said the RX plan contracted through Freedom).

Long story short, Freedom delayed confirming my insurance, failed to call me in a timely manner to notify me there was a problem (or call me at all), when trying to get my rush RX transferred to the proper pharmacy they were unhelpful (the manager I spoke with gave me his direct number and then never answered the line), and ultimately they tried to sabotaged my cycle. The are incompetent, insincere with their apologies, and all around have too important a job to be allowed to function at such a inept level! Women BEWARE, You have to do more than due diligence when getting your meds!


Thats Terrible That That Happened. I Used This Pharmacy In Oct And I Had No Problem But I Have Heard Stories About This Place Before.


I’m so sorry that this happened to you. That is definitely an enormous stress and hassle that you don’t need. I was afraid of something like this happening, so I asked for them to ship my medicine to me a couple of weeks early. That way, even though I had to store it, I knew I had everything with plenty of time to correct any problems. I’ve heard of so many people having issues – wrong needles, missing meds, insurance hitches, etc. – not just with Freedom but with other pharmacies as well, so it made me paranoid.

My order with Freedom went smoothly for the most part. They did call me the day it was supposed to ship out to say that insurance had some sort of issue with the Lupron and they’d need longer for approval. Since I had about $4k of other meds in the order that weren’t covered, I told them I’d just pay the $129 or whatever it was for the Lupron myself. I think that they do wait until just before sending to put the insurance through, which I agree is foolish (but I guess it protects them if the insurance changes between the time you order and the time they ship.)

I hope you were able get your meds somewhere locally and start on time, or that the delay won’t affect you.

For others, I strongly recommend asking for the meds to be shipped early/pick them up early, [B]whatever pharmacy you use[/B]. It was a huge help in my case. Yeah, I had a lot of room taken up in my fridge, but I could look over all the syringes, needles, meds, watch the videos, look at the vials, etc. well in advance so I could be totally comfortable by the time I needed to start. And I knew for sure I wouldn’t be scrambling for medicine I needed immediately and panicking about it.