Poor - slow responder?


Hello everyone

I just had a check-up this morning. I am on 9 of stemming (300 Menopur as well as 0,5 suprefact).

There is nothing happening on the right side but on the left side there are two eggs developing. I am to return on monday with hatching happening most likely on wed or fri. The doctor talked about me being a slow- poor responder to tx.

I conceived naturally 4 years ago and gave birth to a little girl. Three years after that I found out I have endometriosis. Right now I have a pretty big chocolate cyst on the right ovary - explaining why there is nothing happening there.

Should I be hopeful that this will work our with only two eggs (hopefully they are in good quality)?

Is there something I could do between now and next fresh cycle to counteract this slow/poor responder condition?

Thank you all so much - reading your threads has been very helpful.

ps: I am 38 and my husband is 41 yrs old. We have one failed IUI.


Sorry to hear you are going through this. I was a somewhat poor responder as well. Usually had about 5 eggs, which is not too bad, but considering I was only 23 this was a very poor response.

The thing to keep in mind is that it is not really the quantity that matters as much as the quality!! And…it only takes one good one! It is hard to say right now what your chances will be like, but if you get one or even two good quality eggs which end up being one or two good quality embryos…that is all you really need :).

As for the next attempt (hopefully you won’t need one) there is not much you can do to create a better response, but there may be more than your doctor can do. There are some protocols out there that are best for poor responders. Sorry that I don’t know the specifics of them…I’m sure there are some ladies here that could help with suggestions. We ended up going on a micro-flare lupron protocol, and this helped me go from 5 eggs my first attempt to 10 my second (also had better quality).

Good luck to you, hope this one is the time!


I am totally a slow or NO responder. I was on 475 of gonalf and diluted HCG and would start with an Ant count of 10-20 follies and end up with 1 dom folie and a spare. BUT got my BFP! Hang in there!


I don’t know whether I can be counted as a slow responder to those stim meds. Today is my 8th day of stim and I only get 4 measurable follicles (13mm+). I started with 225 IU follistim + 75 IU menopur daily but my doc changed that to 375 IU follistim + 75 menopur after only 2 measurable on day 4. On day 6, one more developed to be measurable but still nothing happened on my right ovary. Today is surprised to see 2 grow to be measurable on the right ovary but missed one on the left. No clue. So far, total in 4. Is that too few to continue this IVF journey?

Me (30) unknown infertility
Husband(35) healthy


Well, I only have two on the left, nothing on right - the hatching will happen on wednesday. I asked the same question - is this enough to continue? They said yes - if these two are good. So I will know soon how good they are, am hoping for two supereggs :slight_smile:

Thanks all for your reply - I am trying to be hopeful here :slight_smile:


Pepples in carmel- I just came across this thread and thought- wow that is my story too!! Hope they were able to retreive the 2. Positive thoughts!! They only got three my first try- and as you can see from my signature - 2 out of 3 aint bad. I am starting another cycle now to bank more embies!!

Wishing all of us slow responders lots of :babydust:


Pepples - I also have stage 3-4 endo with a large recurrent endometrioma on one ovary. With my first IVF cycle, my RE put me on the long lupron protocol (I don’t know the technical name) that is typically used for women with advanced endo. I only produced 1-2 mature follicles and they recommended converting to IUI which was a BFN. This protocol gave me such severe migraines I couldn’t imagine doing it again. I switched clinics, and they put me on a more traditional stimulation protocol, and as you can see in my signature, I had much better responses. It still took a few cycles to get where I am today, but hopefully in the end it will all have been worth it.

Let us know what happened with your cycle, and if this wasn’t it for you, then definitely ask your doctor to consider other stimulation options for you b/c you may have a much better response. Do you know what your AMH level is? Best wishes!


Bethany- can I ask what your new protocol is for stims?
I am on the brink of having my cycle canceled on day 7 with only two follicles less than 10mm and and E2 of 35, this would be back to back canceled cycles- I am not sure I can go through this again.


Cycle cancelled due to poor response

I just had my IVF cycle cancelled due to poor response. I have had 2 previous IVF cycles and had two BFNs but I responded well to the Follistim 300 and 2 Menopurs. This year, I had 18 antral follicles but only 3 were growing after 5 days of stimming on the same doses. My RE said that sometimes it is just a bad cycle. Is this true? Am I now a poor responder? Should I be worried? All my pre IVF labs were good according to the RE. Could it be at 38 I am now just old and have DOR?


I have low AMH and DOR and was predicted to be a low responder. I had 450 follistim ans 150 Menopur for 14 days. I did not use birth control and did not take anything to prevent ovulation while swimming because it would over suppress me. I stopped my two weeks of lupron the day I started stims.

There are different protocols available for poor responders. What was your protocol?

Hope you get your :bfp: from those two good eggs.

I got 7 eggs all mature. Transferred 2. Hoping for a :bfp: tomorrow.


This time I was on Gonal F 300 instead of Follistim 300 and Menopur 150 which was increased to Menopur 300 because my estrogen was low.


Given how many eggs you have had in the past, I think you just did not do well with this protocol. There is no reason to think this will happen again. I would just make sure to use a different protocol next time.


I was very slow to respond until they jacked up my stim protocol to 525 gonal f and 150 of Menopur on day 8. Once that happened, I took off but still only have 10 follicles over 10cm this am and I am on day 10 of stims. My LH finally shot up overnight so I’m going on Cetrocide tomorrow…I seem to be a very slow responder. I am doing one more night and am expected to trigger tomorrow. I asked today if the number is normal for my age (39) and she said it was completely acceptable but everyone is different. It’s hard not to compare though! good luck!


Thanks for everyone’s replies. I think I am going to let my mind rest and decide it was just an off month like the RE says. But as soon as I say that my mind jumps to “Well what if it happens again next cycle?” I started off thinking that IVF would eventually work but at 38 I feel like my time is running out and my money has definitely already ran out. I am starting to drive myself back down the road to crazy town. So I will stop writing now. Thanks agains replies.


Don’t let them cancel you too soon. I never had much til day 9 or more. My first I got 7 with max dose of stims, next one three. The last one I got 14 with 9 mature (the rest of my cycles all were mature). But you don’t need a ton just a few with good quality. Push them to update your protocol until you get it right. I know it’s tough but you winger your take home baby soon!