Poor specimen - canceled IUI


I have read several ladies going for IUI and DH producing poor specimen, so their IUI was canceled. I was wondering if you received a credit on your IUI contract? My first IUI we used frozen specimen and after thaw motility was only 20%, after the fact RE even told us she didnt like that number too much. It was a :bfn: cycle. This cycle, we decided to use DH fresh specimen, and motility was 80%, however his count was only 0.5mil, which I think is VERY low. Still :pray: for a miracle.


My IUI was cancelled this month, but it was because my husband was sick. He had a kidney infection and my RE didn’t feel comfortable proceeding. She said there was a possibility I could get an infection in my tubes, so we canceled. Our insurance doesn’t cover anything IF releated, so we are self-pay. They charge us separately, a charge for my husband and then a charge for me (we are both considered patients). Since they had already collected and washed my DH sample, they only charged us for 50% of the normal charge for him, which was about $120 (its usually $240) and they didn’t charge me at all, since I didn’t get to do anything. My part is usually $250. Not sure that really answers your question, but I just thought I’d share my experience. Good luck to you!!


I don’t know anything about IUI contracts. At my RE’s office, we pay for each treatment as we get it (at the time of service), since it doesn’t go through our insurance (insurance doesn’t pay anything). So, if they decided to cancel an IUI, I would imagine we would have to pay for the sperm wash and processing, but not for the IUI, since we didn’t do it. What is an IUI contract?


At my RE office, we have to sign into a contract per cycle for any procedure, whether it be IUI or IVF and this is pre-paid in FULL before CD3 baseline. I even pre-paid for a 2nd IUI, but bc my progesterone level came back 3.+ I was told 2nd IUI would be too late, it was canceled. I’m going to ask them to credit me for the 2nd day, I think it was an additional $400 on the contract. I was just wondering since we are also self-pay, if they knew the specimen didnt look good, why didnt they give us the option of canceling IUI and receiving a credit? It kinda seems like we are shooting in the dark here.


Jadet, My IUI this cycle was cancelled too bc dh in a rush and stressed gave a bad sample (low volume low count). They looked at his sample and said it wasn’t even worth washing so cancelled it and credited us the whole $300 for the wash that they didn’t do. We also didn’t sign a “contract” just a release. We paid when dh went into give them sperm.