Portland, OR RE's?


Hi all,

I’m new to the board and feeling a bit under the weather right now but promise to update my signature and profile soon. Wondering if anyone has input on their experiences with the various RE’s in PDX? I am 37, with a unilateral hydrosalpinx/endometriosis, intramural uterine fibroma, clomid challenge normal (I think) so far. Hubby 36, MIF issues.

Thanks so much. We are just starting this journey and need all the help we can get!



We are lucky enough to have many good REs I our area. I was a patient at Oregon Reproductive Clinic, and I saw just about every doctor they have to offer. All are board certified REs, all seem friendly and caring, and they all get lots and lots of girls pregnant! I was especially fond of the bedside manner with Barbieri and Matteri, but Bankowski is the one that got me pregnant. My ivf cycle was the smoothest thing ever (after interminable iui cycles), so I wholeheartedly endorse them. The Fertility Associates at OHSU doesn’t have as good of SART statistics, but it’s my understanding that they take on more tricky patients, so they are still a good clinic. One of my good (40+) friends just started seeing them but we won’t know her outcome for a while yet!