positive beta but.....


Okay quick question that has been on my mind and I cant find the answer anywhere else…

We had an Ivf procedure recently, the eggs were retrived on Oct 1st and then we had a 5 day tranfer on Oct 6th. Doctor trasferred 2 blastocyst and I got a positive beta on Oct 15th which was 91. 2nd beta also came back positive but doctor didnt give me the #'s. So my question is… how do I know if both implanted or if only 1 implanted? and if only 1 implants then what happens to the 2nd one? I’ve been trying to hold out until our Sono on Nov 8th but its been bugging me…thanks in advance for any answers!


betas really mean nothing on how many embies stuck around … my betas looked like a singleton for sure but we are having twins


But if 2 were transferred and only 1 implanted wouldnt I have spotting/ bleeding to rid the 2nd one from my body?


this time we transferred 3 , two stuck around … im pretty sure your body absorbs the other embie we had no bleeding


ok great! and congrats on your twins! this was our first time trying IVF. We tried several IUI attempts with 1 resulting in a miscarriage at 4 weeks and the others just didnt result in a positive beta. Right now I am 6weeks and 2 days along with a due date of June 24th so we will see what happens with the sono on Nov 8th…thanks again for all the info!


congrats !!! and fill us in on how many you got baking!!:flower:


When one of the embies doesn’t stick, they are reabsorbed into your body, you don’t necessarily bleed them out as it isn’t actually technically a miscarriage.

But, as others have said, no way to know until ultrasound.

good luck


I will def keep you all posted!