Positive (but fading) HPTs then extremely low beta


My wife and I just completed our first IVF cycle (2 implanted) and are at the end of the 2ww. We are now at 9dp5dt and had our first beta which came back with an extremely low number of 8. We began taking hpt at 6dp5dt and got BFPs for the past four days. However, the lines have been fading and this morning’s was almost non-existent. It seems the signs are pointing to a chemical pregnancy, but the hpts are still coming back positive, if only slightly…should it really take this long for the hCG levels to fall back down to zero?

Does anyone have a success story coming from such a low beta number? What about fading hpt lines that still resulted in successful pg? Also any links to statistics and information that might be relevant…anything we can look at really. We’re pretty devastated right now, trying not to give up hope but it’s not looking good.


You started testing 6 days past transfer? So, 12 days past trigger, right? Although not the usual scenario, there is the possibility that the positive lines you were seeing earlier were left over hcg from the trigger shot. It should be out of her system in 10 days but everyone metabolizes it differently and there are stories of it taking longer to clear. I’ve also read in a couple places that 5 day transfers produce less circulating hcg and it is slower to rise. 9dp is still very early. Will you retest in 2 days? Hang in there and good luck!!!



The hpt I took this morning was a BFN. We do go back to the doctor tomorrow for a second beta, but it seems likely I had a chemical pregnancy. Since the nurse called with our first beta we haven’t been able to talk to our doctor, and I have a million questions. I haven’t had any bleeding and I haven’t had a lot of cramping. I want to know what will happen next…when will I start bleeding and for how long…when will we get to do our FET. We have only one frozen embryo, and I really wish we had more. I just don’t know what our future chances are.