Positive HPT after "period"


First of all, Hi! I came across this forum while going google crazy yesterday. I’m hoping one of you has been through this, and might be able to answer some questions, knowing that I have already called my Dr, and am seeing her tonight.

I O’d on June 22, (temping), period was due on July 7, but came July 2. I had my annual on July 5, and since we have been trying over 11 months, they decided to run some blood work. My period was 4 days, and light/medium (usual). Yesterday I was nauseous and light headed all day, and before taking some anti-nausea pills, I decided to take a test, just to make sure. The test came back positive with in about 3 minutes. I had peed in a cup, so I dipped another test, and positive.

I have taken 2 test today, after lunch, and both were negative.

I called my OB today to get the blood test results and she said my HCG levels were at 1 last friday (that would have been 2 days into my “period”, or 15 days after ovulation. She is having me come in for blood work tonight, but I am obviously kind of going crazy over here.

Has anyone heard of having a HCG level at 1 without being pregnant or have been pregnant recently?

Or having 4 days of implantation bleeding?

Or having a positive test one day, and negative the next? The ones from today were not FMU, but if I’m feeling symptoms, shouldn’t I be able to turn a test no matter what time of day it is?


This is rare case. I never heard of such a situation as I was forty five years old woman. I suggest you stop taking tests. but test monthly report. This could help you to come out of your depression state.