Positive OPK cd 10, Did I o early? Please read


This is my first time on this website, Hi Ladies, I’m really confussed, This cycle we went up to 200mg clomid on days 4-8, On CD 10 I did a digital opk and got a smiley face positive, This confussed me cause I heard that Clomid can give a false positive ( My doc said clomid doesnt effect a opk ), so I called my doctor and they changed my ultrasound and did it on that day cd 10, my biggest follie was a 16 so doc said I could o anytime, What worries me is that I usually have like 2-3 days of positive opks but on Cd 10 in the evening my opk was then negative and has been negative everyday since, I’m now cd 14 with negative opks since and my follies usually grow pretty quickly so they should be around 20mm to 22 today and still negative opk,

Do you guys think I o early? I’m just scared that I missed my o and dh has trouble bd on a schedule so we only bd the day of positive opk on cd 10

Has anyone else o early on clomid???