Positive OPK this am, but cramping this afternoon. Ovulating? IUI not until tomorrow


My OPK was positive this AM so my IUI us scheduled for tomorrow afternoon! YAY! but I feel cramping on my right lower side. I usually feel it a day after a positive OPK. Now, I am worried I am ovulating right now and the timing will be off. Has anyone else ever had this happen?


bfu - I usually get cramping during my ovulation, I feel it in my lower abdomen all over. It is pretty strong. I would see if you could get in tomorrow morning?? GOOD LUCK!!!


I would agree - trying for tomorrow morning instead seems like a good thing. I would be hesitant about doing it today, given that you only just got the positive OPK. But that’s me - I am quite sure I get ovulation cramping, but I get so much other cramping that I cannot separate out what is what. I had sharp cramps this morning for a moment or two, but I think that was gastro… and I have mild cramps in my ovaries right now that I didn’t have earlier today (I should ovulate today, triggered two nights ago). But… they aren’t unusual. I get lots of cramps all the time. sigh

I’d be worried if you went in today that you were misreading something else - and I’d be worried if you waited until tomorrow afternoon that it’d be too late. Tomorrow morning would be best of both worlds.

I thought you weren’t going to be able to do tomorrow, originally?


Thanks for the input!
DH was able to get a few hours off from work and make the day work for us. Thankfully! But, he can only do it in the afternoon! Can’t do morning… oh well, its that or nothing.

Until I started writing everything down I feel each cycle, I never knew I was feeling the ovulation happening. Our bodies are crazy!


On my non-medicated cycles, i usually start cramping a bit with a +opk. But when i ovulate its a totally different cramping. Maybe its just your egg getting ready to drop :cross:


I notice on clomid I barely catch my surge and usually only get a positive the morning I ovulate or the night before at the earliest. However when I was not medicated I would have my surge for 2 days straight then I’d ovulate. Don’t know why that is??? I never felt ovulation with unmediated but I know exactly when I ovulate on clomid