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Hi everyone I’m new to this, my husband and I have been ttc for almost 3 years now. I did 2 rounds of clomid with no ovulation 2 rounds of Letrozole with no ovulation and finally we went to a fertility clinic where they put me on the highest dose of Letrozole. We went in February 16 (cycle day 13) because I had my first positive opk. I had 1 beautiful follicle measuring at a 21 so they gave me a trigger shot there in the clinic and we did our 1st iui. I’m a little worried that we might have done the iui to early but I figured they should know. Now I’m 3dpiui and I’ve been having slight cramping on and off since I had the iui. I know it’s to early for implantation, I was wondering if anyone else had this?


Hey there, Felicha, welcome!

How long after the trigger did they do your IUI? Sperm live a lot longer than eggs do, especially in a hospitable environment (which is what your reproductive system is, for them) and ovulation usually occurs about 24 hours after the trigger, so the window there is pretty broad. Much better to do it early than to do it late. As for the cramping, I wouldn’t read too much into that. It’s easy to pay attention to every little twinge, and most of them are just normal biological… things …that you’d overlook under other circumstances.

There’s a whole thread in this section of the forum where a bunch of ladies are doing IUI - most of whom are coming up to the ends of their 2 week waits. You’re totally welcome to join in there too. :smiley:


Thanks for the friendly reply! They did the trigger a hour before the iui. That’s what I was afraid of since it’s my first one that I’m going to go crazy looking for little symptoms. Thank you I will definitely check that out❤️


Hi, felicha!
I always have some cramping after IUI. I imagine it’s from the procedure. I’m guessing your dr did the IUI in conjunction with the trigger because of the positive opk. The wait is the hardest part. Good luck to you.


Hi, dear! Sorry for people being in the same infertility boat with me:( This all is very tough and emotionally draining…
But here I won’t agree with you on the point that this is too early for implantation. While taking meds our bodies overgo different changes, so we cannot trust the things we have known before. What if your stimulation was just perfect making each sell to react quickly and effectively? If your cramping is just ok, I mean mild you can easily cope with, that probably there is nothing to worry about. And simply wait until your test day. If your cramps are severe ones you’d better contact your doc and ask him. But honestly saying in this case I wouldn’t wait for something good really :confused:
You should also carefully observe what’s going on with your body every day (frequency, intensity, whatever). In this way you’ll have the whole picture. And further it may also help your doc to state the reason. I believe you’re in good hands and professionals just know what to do. So, rest more and try not to go into panic.
I’m sure everything’s gonna be ok. Have my fingers crossed for you. Keep us updated, dear, hugs Xx


Generally, many doctors recommends 24 to 36 hrs between the trigger shot and IUI. 36 hrs after the trigger shot, egg releases naturally. Then it takes 1 day for the egg to fertilize with sperm, 4 days for the embryo to grow and another 1 day to hatch out of it cells. I think you doctor may consider your positive OPK than the trigger shot…All the best…