Possible early miscarriage


I’m in my second cycle of IVF. Have tried to trust my doctor to keep the technical stuff straight. The emotional stuff is just too much sometimes. I found out 14 days ago that the IVF worked and I was pregnant. Oh my god was I excited. I did everything I was supposed to do and after my first appointment last monday everything was fine. Dr says my levels were raising and everything was looking great. This last Monday I went for my next appointment and the Dr was a little more nervous looking at my ultrasound. She said she couldn’t quite see what she should be seeing. I had to wait 6 hours for my bloodwork to come back and that looked great too. But still the Dr said to be cautiously optimistic. I am freaking out. The two week wait was bad enough but now the ups and downs are crazy. I don’t know what to do. I really don’t have ANY signs of pregnany but really didn’t have any during my first pregnancy. What should my levels be at this point. Has this happened to anyone else?


Maybe it was just to early to see anything on ultrasound. How many weeks along are you? As long as your bloodwork is rising then i wouldn’t say early miscarriage. If you are under 7 weeks i wouldn’t stress. By 7 weeks you should see a heartbeat. go to betabase.info and check your levels, since everyone is different. good luck :cross:

ETA: Also, having no symptoms doesn’t mean anything. Sometimes they don’t hit until later in pregnancy.


I agree, if you see your Beta rising, try not to panic just yet. Wishing you tons and tons of luck! How frightening this must be for you.


:pray: that everything is ok and you have a healthy 9 month pregnancy


Your in my thoughts during this hard time. Hang in there!


[B]Please I know its hard but try to give it a little bit more time. Ishould say at 7 weeks all must be as it should.how far along are you? What did she expected to see but didn’t see? Heartbeat? Sac? Embryo? [/B]