Possible early symptom or infection?


Hi all,

I know I am supposed to not obsess about symptoms, but I have two symptoms that are very distracting only 8 days after insemination: sore boobs and a burning sensation - not just after I pee but all morning. I am actually a little worried I may have a urinary tract infection. I am wondering if I call my doc or just wait til next Wednesday for my pregnancy test? Has anyone else had this problem? I realize I should probably just go see my GP for a urine test, but I wouldn’t even be able to see him til Wednesday anyway. Would like to think it is a pregnancy symptom so I don;t have to worry about it. Thanks for any comments!



Are you on prometrium or other progesterone suppositories? I’ve heard that urinary tract or bladder infections could be a side effect. As can breat tenderness.

Breast tenderness is of course, also a common early pregnancy symptom (the urinary tract infections not so much :slight_smile: ). But 8 days post IUI is probably a little early given that your fertilized egg would need to implant before you get actual pregnancy symptoms. Look at the Nov IUI thread, there was a question yesterday or the day before about how soon people noticed symptoms when pregnant, and lots of people mentioned breast tenderness, but I’m not sure how early.

Good luck!


Thanks SassyGurl. I am actually not on progesterone. But you know how your mind plays tricks on you and makes you notice every little symptom. :0

Sorry about your recent chemical pregnancy. I know how difficult that can be, though it’s great you are getting right back on the saddle so to speak.


i’m in the same boat…had iui on 10/22 and have had severe dizziness and nausea for past three mornings…like clockwork it starts around 6am and lasts until about 11am. don’t know that it’s anything, but of course my heart wants to believe that it’s early symptoms! i would have the burning checked out, especially if you are post iui just to make sure there’s no infection. best of luck to us all!



Yup, totally understand watching every symptom closely :slight_smile: I’m about a week post ovulation (just trying naturally in Oct), and my breasts have been sore pretty much since the day I ovulated. Then yesterday I had the tiniest ever pinprick sized spot of blood on my underwear. No matter how often/how much I wiped could not see any more come out. Then when I woke up this morning again had a very small amount of blood on my underwear. In never spot between periods, so initially I was thinking “Oh good, my period’s coming early so I can get going with my Nov IUI”. But then today I had a brief moment of wondering if this could be that magical implantation bleeding other people speak of…so many ways to play mind games in this process!

Thanks re: chemical pregnancy. I think in my case things went as well as they could have. My beta was never as high as yours, just 11 with my first beta test. So, even though I was POAsing every day from about 10 days post IUI until the morning of my beta, I never “saw” a BFP. So I never considered myself pregnant, even when I got the beta result as it was so low that there was so little hope it would go anywhere. Though of course hoping the next one sticks!

Good luck, and let us know if this turns out to be your month.


The burning sounds like a UTI. I, unfortunately, can empathize because I have problems with recurrent UTIs. If you are still experiencing the burning, you should go to your GP ASAP to get antibiotics. UTIs can cause miscarriages, so it’s best to get treated right away. I hope you feel better soon. Good luck.


I agree with Smurf on what they said. As I’m been battling with a UTI for over 4 weeks. A UTI can cause lots of pain an lots of sickness. So get antibiotics for it ASAP… I got a UTI when I was 8weeks pregant an finally got over it which I’m now 13w2d. If got a UTI get some cranberry juice or drinks lots an lots of water to get rid of it.

Good Luck. :cross: