Possibly IVF?


[FONT=georgia]Hello ladies… I am looking for any advice you girls could give me. My RE wants to do two more rounds of injectibles; and if no luck, she wants us to move on to IVF. As you can see from my signature below the only issue is PCOS; my husband’s SA was excellent. I think I am just in disbelief and scared about the whole process. Starting out on our journey a year ago, I NEVER would have thought IVF would have been an option we would need. As the months drug on with no luck I still was in belief that something would work. I guess the main concern besides price is the long-term effects IVF could have on my body. I know the procedure has been around for 30+ years but I still think it’s relatively new to know exactly how it’s going to effect your ovaries and such later in life. I will do about anything to have a child but I can’t help my fear either. Any success story and/or advice you could give would be very helpful. My DH and I are going to be attending an informational IVF meeting next month to get our minds prepared for it.

Thank you ladies for your help and support!! :grouphug::babydust:[/FONT]


IVF is a big step, no doubt. However, as far as long term effects, those are from the drugs not the IVF. The IVF is the removal of eggs from your body and the fertilizing of them in a dish. The high doses of hormones are what MAY have lasting consequences and you are already doing those when you do a cycle with injectibles.

Personally, I think it was worth the risk. I have done 3 fresh IVF cycles and 3 Frozen cycles and have one daughter (and a current pregnancy) and she is worth every bit of risk. If I was diagnosed with cancer tomorrow, she is worth it.


I admire your words because I understand how heavy they are. I pray that us, real mothers with or without children, will be spared by God from those diseases.