Possibly pregnant?


I was diagnosed with PCOS February 2012 and have lost 18 pounds since then. 8 with just the metformin and 10 (in 1 month 1 week) with metformin, diet and exercise. I am 4’10" and now 130 pounds. I have had one menstrual cycle in April with medroxyprogesterone and one by myself starting May 7 for 7 days, next cycle due to arrive June 7th. This past week I have recently been feeling very tired and 3 days ago my nipples started to feel as if they are sun burned and I get twinges of pain on the side of my breast once in a while. I also feel like I have to urinate more often than usual, for about a week now. I woke up the other day very nauseous. And about 15 minutes ago i was sitting on my couch and got extremely dizzy, i felt as if my head spun around. Could I possibly be pregnant? I do not like getting my hopes up, been through that for over 1.5 years and it sucks. Just any thoughts from women have have been through the same, especially if it turned out they were pregnant would be awesome!!!

Also wanted to add, this is the second time, in all of my menstrual cycle life that my nipples have felt like this. The other time was last month during my cycle. Could that be because my hormones are starting to regulate and it is affecting my nipples before AF arrives?


I won’t say it’s a sure thing one way or the other, but I think it’s certainly possible. As a fellow PCOS-er, I will caution you to not pin a lot of hopes on it because, of course, pregnancy symptoms and regular cycle symptoms can be the same, and either one can change from time to time. However, my body seems to respond well to progesterone and this pregnancy is actually a surprise natural from a cycle right after a progesterone cycle. I’ll keep my fingers crossed for you! Keep us updated if you POAS!


It sounds like you could be?? Have you tested at all?


Hi Kashiruvana & Rach007,

Thank you for the reply’s. I know that I can’t get a definite answer on here and the only way to find out is to POAS, I just like hearing what others think to kind of make me feel better about thinking that I could be. And I also know not to get my hopes up that what I’m feeling are pregnancy symptoms, that’s why I mentioned that my nipples also hurt last month, but I’ve never felt dizzy like that before. And I had just had a banana, so I know my blood sugar wasn’t low.

I have not POAS yet, but I was thinking of doing it tomorrow morning instead of on the 7th when I am supposed to get AF. I brought the cheap .88 ones from Walmart today. I was told that if I am pregnant that even the cheapest test will pick it up. If I get a BFP then I will get a better one to test.

The 11th I am going for my first visit to a RE, so maybe I won’t have to worry about going :cross: :slight_smile:

Again, thank you for the reply’s :slight_smile: And congrats to the both of you!!! :cheer: